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In a capitalist society such as the United States, the economic principle of "free markets" and "supply-and demand" compliments the theory that consumers are "job creators", just as jobs that pay a ...
by Bud Meyers
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Not only were the Republicans directly responsible for crashing the economy that ruined millions of American's lives, but for the past four years they have actively attempted to make things much ...
by Bud Meyers
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Who the hell invented the concept of honor, and more importantly why would anyone invent something that cannot be explained and probably does not exist and then encourage others (mostly young men) ...
by Trenz Pruca
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The Wealth Of Nations is no endorsement of economic greed, as sometimes caricatured. Self-interest may drive the economy, but that is a force for good – provided there is genuinely open ...
by midgebaker
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Flash back a year. Anti-immigrant fever was at a very high pitch in the state of Georgia. The legislature there decided to do something about it. Something to get those Jobs back , for actual ...
by jamess
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As a teenager I spent few hot summer weeks out in the fields -- harvesting crops for minimum wage -- berries, tomatoes, cantaloups, pumpkins, pruning the canes for next years crops. It was hard, ...
by jamess
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Yesterday Mitch McConnell was whining that President Obama should do something about Gas Prices ... McConnell: Buffett Rule Won’t Create Jobs or Lower Gas Prices by Phillip M. Bailey, wfpl.org --
by jamess
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Bernie is demanding " immediate action " from the Gary Gensler, the chairman of the CFCT, to strictly control the impact of speculators on the Oil Futures Market -- as the Law required him to do -- ...
by jamess
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In one corner, advocating for the all-knowing wisdom of the markets to give the people what they need -- are the Wall Street boosters ... The Energy Report - Trend Change by Phil Flynn, ...
by jamess
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That was as recently as last May. Oil Speculators have a LOT to say about what a gallon of gasoline ends up really costing us at the pump, above and beyond the actual economics of "supply and ...
by jamess
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Pay a whooping "0.01 percent tax on each transaction" -- that's 1 Penny per $100 bet -- and THAT's too much for the poor millionaires to pony up. Maybe they should check their couch cushions for ...
by jamess
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It used to be to trade Futures Contracts on a barrel of Oil, you had to agree to the delivery of that barrel Oil at some "future" date. An Airline, wanting to lock-in low prices. An Oil heating ...
by jamess
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Dinosaurs were eventually replaced by agile clever Mammals. Cavemen were eventually replaced by Farmers. Horse and Buggies, by the Automobile. In the natural course of events, the grand ...
by jamess
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Dinosaurs were eventually replaced by agile clever Mammals. Cavemen were eventually replaced by Farmers. Horse and Buggies, by the Automobile. In the natural course of events, the grand ...
by jamess
Comment Count 18 comments on Fri Jan 13, 2012 at 02:40 PM PST with 4 Recommends
A lot has been said about "Creative Destruction" in the last few days. Something about this term of Entrepreneurial Evolution really bugs me -- and I think I finally figured out what that is.
by jamess
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It's a promise, a mythology, a rite of passage -- The belief that " Abounding Opportunity lies just around the next bend ." Indeed, America was built on such beliefs ... even ...
by jamess
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It struck me earlier today, that our system of market-based Capitalism just might have a few flaws, -- not least of which is that those "Corporate Persons", are by design, missing a few ...
by jamess
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The other side is deep in thought. All the time, they are in their tank thinking, thinking, thinking. ”What concept, term or catchphrase can we invent to get the poor to give us more ...
by Liberal Thinking
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So T-Paw is going to give a speech where he doubles down on the failed Reagan theme of "tax cuts create jobs". Republicans are using a Harry Potter argument--"Magical Job Creation". I swear, they ...
by zenbassoon
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I was watching Tweedledee and Tweedledum on CNN this morning. (Candy Crowley and Ed Gillespie.) They went on and on blaming President Obama, for everything from 9% Unemployment rate ...
by jamess
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