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Now and then, a friend asks me where s/he can find a one-stop source of solid, irrefutable data documenting the failures of Republican economic policies. Usually, it's because the friend is in a dust-
by Dracowyrm
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By picking Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney has sent Grover an important "Signal" ... "a serious roadmap" of "where Romney's going" ... Someone got their Pony . Norquist : Ryan plan is Romney's roadmap (...
by jamess
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Since I heard about Mitt's choice for running mate I have been trying to figure out what Mitt was thinking... why did he choose Paul Ryan on a Saturday? I'll be honest here, I am not a political ...
by Hey338Too
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Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney hate Taxes. They are "good" Conservatives. They hate paying their 'fair share' to keep our Nation safe and sound ... and Opportunities growing to the benefit of all -- ...
by jamess
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I heard some pundit saying Dems should be hammering home this point. It's astounding in its disparity. And far too many people still just don't get it . Being the data geek that I am, I broke out ...
by jamess
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Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney hate Taxes. They are "good" Conservatives. They hate paying their 'fair share' to keep our Nation safe and sound ... and growing to the benefit of all -- not just the ...
by jamess
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Trickle-Down Economics works for the wealthy, very well -- thing is it doesn't "trickle down" to everyone else, as the Conservatives claim. We tried that grand Economic Experiment when we gave ...
by jamess
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One of the most interesting and peculiar characters of the Dracula saga is the pitiful and repulsive Renfield, held in thrall by Dracula and compelled to eat insects, spiders, and birds in a deluded ...
by bmcphail
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Why should Mitt Romney and the fabled "one-percent" pay only a 15% marginal tax on investment income ... half the rate charged to a dentist or auto mechanic on wages earned from work? This was not ...
by David Brin
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Why do those Corporate Entities invest so much in Lobbying? Answer: Sometimes it pays off -- Big Time! How would you like a 22,000 % Return on Investment?
by jamess
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What was that Free Market battle cry that shocked the world, when it was first proclaimed? Was it " A rising Tide will lift all boats ," proclaimed ...
by jamess
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Here are a few of the Myths the GOP members and Fox News pundits have been ...
by gopre400
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From Paul Krugman today: Suprise Anti-Austerians Meanwhile, the IMF ...
by elsaf
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Multiplier Effect definition The American Heritage -- New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third ...
by jamess
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The Senator that told us "The Banks own the Place" -- now has another dire warning for us to consider ...
by jamess
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As we listen tonight to Pres. Obama and the conservative response, we need to keep in mind that there are basically three schools of thought. As voters we have to decide which one conforms to ...
by Glenn Melancon
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I wrote this piece because I've been frustrated by the scarcity of material written by progressives with the purpose of persuading conservatives and undecideds. So much of our writing is directed ...
by AndrewR9
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The Pressure is on the Fed Now to Save the Economy by Danielle Kurtzleben, usnews....
by jamess
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If you accept the tongue in cheek definition of insanity being “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”, you would have to conclude that the current crop of ...
by StevenLeser
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Lawrence Summers, former Director of the White House National Economic Council for President Obama, is calling for significant additional economic stimulus to avoid following the pattern of Japan's "...
by HoundDog
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