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Rather than savage cuts, Switzerland considers “Star Trek” economics Switzerland will vote on giving every adult in the country a $2,800 check every month. How would that work? By Josh ...
by ShockandAwed
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From Mitt Romney sending his money on holiday to the Caribbean to other American one-percenters sending their money on ski trips in Switzerland, our US government -- and, correspondingly, pool of ...
by james321
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Hmm, I wonder if this was one of the international studies on the medicinal value of cannabis that CNN host and world famous ...
by markthshark
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On June 25, the world's largest solar ship, the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar (http://www.planetsolar.org), was docked in Boston and hosted a symposium on water and climate change, "From the Alps to the ...
by gmoke
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Yes, ObamaCare is better than nothing -- and, for the United States, a huge improvement. Still, it's silly policy that puts preserving private insurance company profits ahead of what's best for ...
by james321
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by ruleoflaw
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Remember how Romney would not release more than two years of his taxes? And how one of the theories wondering about his reticence might have been because he could actually have been a tax cheat in ...
by chloris creator
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by raina
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Cross-posted from Middle Class Political Economist .
by Kenneth Thomas
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Part II to my post: Tax Havens: Owners of Anonymous Companies Exposed The secret records obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) recently laid bare the names ...
by Bud Meyers
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Today, March 25th, is Greek Independence Day, but in Athens, just as in Nicosia, there is little reason to celebrate. In the wee hours of Monday morning, the Eurogroup and Cypriot government ...
by neo11
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A short dissertation on proposed laws to cap excessive CEO pay, reforming the economic imbalance in wealth inequality, rebuilding the U.S. middle-class, dispelling Republican talking points, and ...
by Bud Meyers
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Unlike vulnerable ancient villages subject to raids from beyond the pale, the United States has considerable power over banker barbarians. Banks, after all, are nothing but corporations. ...
by Leo W Gerard
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So the Swiss, those stolid, conservative burghers, have decided "enough" on obscenely high pay for corporate executives: Via Slashdot 68% of voters approved a change to their constitution: The ...
by RobLewis
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Billions of years from now the Universe may vanish. And you'll never see it coming. Joseph Lykken, a theoretical physicist... who is on the science team at Europe's Large Hadron Collider (LHC), ...
by jpmassar
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Comin' for your ketchup. With the March 1 sequestration date bearing down upon us (again), the calculus about the adverse impacts has begun anew. On Thursday, Education ...
by shanikka
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I had not heard about this at all before, so this post is heavily borrowed from the BBC article in question discussing the closure and winding down of operations of Wegelin & Co, a Swiss Bank ...
by auron renouille
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I keep seeing people on Facebook doing two things, denying access to guns are the problem, and pointing to Switzerland as proof that lots of guns doesn't lead to lots of violence.
by InfinityLincoln
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I heard about the Newton Shooting at work yesterday and last night joined the my congregation in the Mourners' Kaddish , feeling empty. It was the same as with Columbine , Tucson ,
by DavidMS
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Sometimes a change of scene works wonders – for an aircraft, as well as a person. It was the middle of World War One, and the French aircraft company Société Anonyme des Appareils d’Aviation ...
by shortfinals
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