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When race-related incidents including riots like occurred in Ferguson, Missouri and currently Baltimore, cable TV goes into overdrive. This overdrive is mostly from Cable TV talk show programs.
by melshim
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Harry Powers was a serial killer who worked out of Clarksburg, WV, in 1931. He is known to have killed two women and three children. He was known as a "Bluebeard" killer, in that he preyed upon ...
by BCain
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I was reading a diary today about a Kossack, Greenomatic, who was complaining about the "elitist disdain" that "real journalists" show for the blogosphere and sites like the DK. MSM Goes Down in ...
by GreenMother
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President Obama mercilessly ridiculed the 'success' of HuffingtonPost at the WHCD the other day. Now Ariana Huffington and Howard Fineman are getting their revenge for the slight by calling the ...
by Anton Bursch
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This is "Breaking" news on the CBC but I hesitate to use it in the title of this diary. But it is big news! British police searched the offices of Rupert Murdoch's British newspapers ...
by MsLibrarian
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* Cracked, really, but who really pays attention to the difference? Do you believe that your voicemail messages may ...
by subtropolis
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Did you ever get the feeling that you are living in some kind of warped tabloid world? That's how I feel when I watch the cable news channels and even when I read DailyKos sometimes. I hardly turn ...
by joanneleon
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In April we experienced 600 tornadoes in the US. Last year the count for April was 110. The six fold increase is an astounding climate change. But how did 600 twisters happen? And why? In our public ...
by Reverend Billy
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The one question I return to: From the center of our vast population can we human beings reach out to the thing that created us? The industrial inebriation of traffic-life, computer-life, and ...
by Reverend Billy
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The OK Corrals in the foreground, where the hate is fresh, turn our media-dulled heads. But we ought to ignore Sarah Palin and the NY Times op-eds equally - when they deny that our entire culture ...
by Reverend Billy
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The NY Times today has put the spotlight on a story which the Murdoch empire clearly hoped would go away, but today ...
by dweb8231
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Julian Assange Calls Allegations "Baseless" August 21, 2010 | AP — Swedish tabloid reports that an arrest warrant has been issued for Assange, who calls charges '...
by ysbee
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A friend of mine had some interesting thoughts on the recent death of Michael Jackson:
by Mark Russell
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I have tried avoiding the tabloid-drama of the Palin family just as I tried avoiding the whole "Trig-gate" BS that unfolded months ago. However, once in awhile, this stuff is just too friggin' ...
by Setrak
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... well, not exactly here. Huffpo. And maybe not forever. But, dagnab it, there is now running an entry on this site by one who has gifted us with nothing else which currently carries over 440 ...
by Timus
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While the media is pouring over the whole Edwards affair, Russia has been sending in military forces into Georgia. Now I grant you, what John Edwards did was horrible, and I feel for his wife. But ...
by Johnny Venom
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Great article over at Advertising Age by Bonnie Fuller about the successful marketing the Obama's have done to make themselves the first couple of cool and popularity. [http://adage.com/...
by doin it for the shorties
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LISA BELZBERG WAS IN THE NY POST AND DAILY NEWS AS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH CLINTON IN 2002 I worry about Hillary getting the nomination and then these reports from 2002 surface and the Dems ...
by NoMoreGOP
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by Doctor RJ
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by Ira R Allen
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