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Many people chafe at the corporate powers that control some of our governments and much of our lives. Some dare to imagine how to spark a nationwide or worldwide challenge to their authority. ...
by 6412093
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You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes. -Mother Jones Sunday April 5, 1903 - More on Our ...
by JayRaye
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In fact, Republicans in the past two years have gone hog-wild heightening middle class fear and uncertainty. In addition to demanding cuts to programs crucial to middle class certainty like Medicare ...
by Leo W Gerard
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After President Obama was reelected, I believed the people had spoken and the war being waged by the Karl Roves and the Koch brothers and the Sheldon Edelmans was over and the good guys had won. Boy ...
by eve
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I’m not claiming actual knowledge of why the Indiana legislature is trying to force a right to work law on its electorate, though I think I know the real reason and state my opinion below. But I ...
by Jim3K
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is a must read. If you think the Boeing-IAM settlement stopped anything, think again. The NLRB is down to three members. If it goes to 2, it ceases to function. And Senate Republicans are ...
by teacherken
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As the time for the 1952 election approached, the writing was on the wall. Some of us die-hards were with Truman who, in the unsteady post-war climate, had really done a respectable job. I ...
by Charlotte Lucas
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The incredibly positive energy in which many of us have basked at Wisconsin's capitol this week has been magnificent. Never before have I felt such a powerful sense of solidarity with my union ...
by workersuntie
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Good evening, Daily Kos readers. This is your afternoon open thread to discuss all things Hill-related. Use this thread to praise or bash Congresscritters, share a juicy tip, ask questions, offer ...
by CA Berkeley WV
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Joe McCarthy voted for it. So did Richard Nixon. John F. Kennedy voted against it. Harry Truman vetoed it, but it still became law. On June 23, it will be 62 years old, and it still casts a long ...
by Chris Mahin
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by Public D
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There has been much talk lately about the state of the middle-class, the insecurity of workers, and the flat-lining of wages in America. Much of the debate has revolved around the changes in ...
by Forgiven
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