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The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) is the world's second largest bank. However, when it comes to corruption it is second to none.
by gjohnsit
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Oh, I am not talking about poor peoples crimes, for that there is more than adequate punishment and in some countries it results in a for profit penal system and slave labor. I am talking about rich ...
by LaFeminista
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Many folks around the country are just discovering the new Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont). They are learning Sanders has been on an incredibly bold ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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by Walter Einenkel
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As 2014 comes to a close, the American economy is finally starting ...
by Jon Perr
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Workers at Walmart were using the Black Friday shopping rush to elevate their demands to receive a living wage from the nation’s largest employer and retailer. Among the protesters are 12 ...
by Jon Perr
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It's been years now that Boehner has been broadcasting his Cover your ass Story about having a whole slew of Jobs Bills just waiting that have been stalled in the senate by Dems. My mistake is ...
by Eric Nelson
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..yes amnesty; one of the more powerful words that to a corrupt party, its control, meaning and its use remains so valuable to the GOP. Stop the Con: Don't vote republican So here's the thing ...
by Eric Nelson
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After months of their much-hyped but still unproven charges of partisan skullduggery at the Internal Revenue Service, House Republicans this week took an axe to the IRS budget . ...
by Jon Perr
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Newsweek, which was presumed dead and buried over a year ago after British media mogul, Tina Brown, failed to find a way to make it viable, has risen again like a zombie. It’s specialty now is ...
by Mark Lippman
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Big news from The New York Times : Credit Suisse is about to do what no other huge bank has done in over two decades: plead guilty to criminal wrongdoing. In a sign that global banking giants are ...
by ericlewis0
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Caterpillar, the “world’s largest maker of construction and mining equipment,” avoided $2.4 billion in US corporate taxes by diverting $8 billion in profit through a Swiss affiliate. (
by StewartAcuff
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The Bundy Ranch controversy has now divided Nevada's two United States senators . While Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) referred to Bundy's armed supporters as "domestic terrorists," ...
by Jon Perr
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If you refuse to pay $1 million in federal taxes over two decades, you should expect to go to prison. If you ...
by Jon Perr
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It's been a rough, disturbing, eleven days for the people of Charleston, West Virginia, a city already hurting before the chemical spill that devastated their local economy and caused 300,000 ...
by dharmafarmer
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CHARLESTON, W.Va . -- Freedom Industries, the company that fouled thousands of West Virginians' water with a chemical leak last week, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today.
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Well, here's a rather stilted definition of Populism, that probably keeps the Wealthy rotating their Tax Havens, at each Quarter's end ... Populism Definition: (from BusinessDictionary.com ) ...
by jamess
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Since its inception, liberals have supported Apple, Inc. loyally. But, the company has been a bad actor for many years without losing any of its standing. From worker exploitation to tax evasion, ...
by dmegivern
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For months, Republicans have been waging a new war on the IRS . Echoing their successful gutting of the Internal Revenue Service back in the 1990s, GOP leaders have been ...
by Jon Perr
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From Mitt Romney sending his money on holiday to the Caribbean to other American one-percenters sending their money on ski trips in Switzerland, our US government -- and, correspondingly, pool of ...
by james321
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