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I don't sign up for Republican literature "just to see what's there." I haven't gotten anything until recently, and I don't know how I got on their list. I sent back some with notes to take me off ...
by Lorikeet
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Over on FB, the Tea Party Patriots are deleting any comments that even suggest that Tea Party Members might not be in full support of George Bush. You can see for yourself at http://www.facebook.com/
by ytterbius
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Mark Meckler is one of the founders of the largest tea party group Tea Party Patriots and serves as that organizations National Chairman. Today he was arrested in New York City on weapons charges ...
by Rock Strongo
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I must ask for your sympathy for certain former members of the Tea Party movement - because if the details of the lawsuit are true, they have been grievously abused (not snark). Two tea ...
by blue aardvark
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The Conference for a Constitutional Convention at Harvard Law School on September 24 and 25 was supposed to be an opportunity for the Left and Right to talk together about the possibility of ending ...
by gmoke
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In case you missed this tidbit, like I had: Tea Party pushes "Constitution Week" lesson plan CBS ...
by jamess
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by MinistryOfTruth
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A new video by Louis Ludwig aka Crashing Vor.
by hairylarry
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This is almost entirely a shameless self-promotion diary. With that caveat, the reader is invited to move along or stick around for a few grafs to see what constitutes "almost entirely."
by Crashing Vor
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Apparently, David Mamet has always been a conservative hiding among the liberal intelligentsia of Hollywood. At the very least, he has recently completed a lifelong journey from the liberalism to ...
by gravlax
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Sick of town hall screamers? Sick of 500 teabaggers on the news during the health care vote while 200,000 people peacefully march for immigration reform? We've had our fill of this fake ...
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OK, this is it. The teabaggers, herded by [http://bit.ly/JennyBethMartin Jenny Beth Martin] of Tea Party Patriots, are trying to coordinate national visits to Congressional offices today .
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Weak Tea is a periodic report from [http://www.facebook.com/NoTeaParty Americans Against The Tea Party] on the vagaries of various Tea Party figures. We depend heavily on the work of Mother ...
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Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones has done a three-part investigation of Tea Party Patriots , which bills itself ...
by devtob
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If you believe in the old adage that "politics makes strange bedfellows," then you'd be hard pressed not to agree that the Teabaggers are the bedbugs of the political world.
by Britethorn
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The latest meme playing out in VA-07 appeared in the Richmond Times Dispatch Saturday morning in a story titled "Cantor Defends Refusal to Debate his Opponents". Prior to today's story, ...
by not2plato
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Crossposted from Street Prophets. From the perennially unhinged Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugged:
by slksfca
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From www.politico.com Just how 'political' is Glenn Beck? Glenn Beck says there’s nothing political about the Aug. 28th rally in Washington he’s organizing with a ...
by tjlabs
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A friend of mine recently said, “Hey, you’re pretty smart. Can you explain what’s going on with these tea parties?” I started to explain about PACs and astroturf and Waterloo ...
by Dbug
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On this Sunday morning, 3.18.10, oughta be interesting, maybe I should visit the "Tea Party Patriot" site again,
by jimstaro
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