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In a previous essay I suggested that the vast majority of teachers should be freed from the tyranny of tests. Instead of making teachers and schools prove themselves every year, let’s assume that ...
by Daver71
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Today, teachers around the state of Washington held a walkout to protest lack of funding, class.sizes, etc. But rather than take an unbiased view, this is what the Seattle Times op-ed had to say ...
by lmackh
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Education reform is full of good intentions and bad outcomes. Reformers on both sides acknowledge that there are many kids getting inadequate education, and everyone wants to do better, but the ...
by Daver71
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Short answer to this question? Yes. So after much frustration over the current education funding debate in Kansas, I decided to replicate the 2006 education cost study statistical study, to ...
by leviabowles
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Living in Philadelphia, I have been able to see first-hand how the Mayoral Democratic Primaries have been running. For those who are not from the area, the two most-likely to win next week are the ...
by pierre9045
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by Walter Einenkel
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By now, it should be apparent to all watching the Philadelphia Mayoral campaign that candidate Anthony Hardy Williams doesn’t believe in public schools. Instead, he believes in taking huge sums ...
by StewartAcuff
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Today is National Teacher Day. Schools are closed for the celebrations, right? Hah. Teachers have come to accept that we are often under- (or completely un-) appreciated, misunderstood, and maligned.
by lmackh
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Quick post as I need to leave to take my son to school (my heart is racing even though he's not at this school): In Thurston County in Washington State--no one was hurt: Nobody was hurt during a ...
by Elizaveta
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The Public Education Department of New Mexico did not meet its deadlines for developing End Of Course exams, an exit exam for graduating seniots and a standardized measure of teacher efficacy. ...
by IvoryTusk
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Ron Verdenberg from your New York State United Teachers will be calling in to chat up workplace due process, it’s definition and what that means for our educators and for all working people. The ...
by Kris LaGrange
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Today on Democracy Now, Amy Goodman had an in depth discussion on education with a superintendent of a NY school district, a parent who is the head of her school’s parent teacher group. The ...
by Jjc2006
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Why do teachers drink! They have to grade tests with answers like these from genuine 16-year-olds taking the GED exam. (At a certain point, I was wheezing from laughing so hard {having done some ...
by mettle fatigue
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Chicago progressive mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is working and rallying with the Fight for 15 movement, the Chicago Teachers Union, and the Service Employees International Union for ...
by StewartAcuff
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I did a writeup on public spending in Kansas, and more broadly, the idea of using sophisticated analytics to determine appropriate levels of funding for public education, and potentially other ...
by leviabowles
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The Kansas House today voted 64-57 to make the largest change in school budgets in over 20 years, altering the way the education formula funds schools and transitioning to a block grant proposal. ...
by Chris Reeves
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Teachers and parents united against Cuomo's plan. That was the chant I heard go up from the crowd of parents and teachers gathered at one of the dozens ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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There is an increasing call to arms by education privateers across the nation that state legislatures should remove tenure from education. The argument has been made that tenure can lead to a school ...
by guts of a liberal
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Great teachers see you, not only who you pretend to be, but you you really are - and who you really might become https://davidkeithlaw.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/on-the-street-where-you-live/
by samsoneyes
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I based this letter on one my wife wrote. She hit all the high points but I took a different, complementary tactic. The bottom line for both of us is the fact that Governor Cuomo, the supposedly "...
by mole333
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