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Ben Affleck is a committed Democrat who has actively campaigned for the Democratic nominee for President since 2000. Affleck has tackled a serious issue, the challenges in the Congo. And he is ...
by Mondalejones
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From Bloomberg : [Robert Borkhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Bork], the U.S. judge and legal scholar whose nomination to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan set off a battle for the ...
by Jimdotz
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I first posted a version of this diary last year. On the 49th death anniversary of the last American President to be assassinated while still in office, it is useful to remember not John F. ...
by JekyllnHyde
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For the better part of a year, Mitt Romney has been frantically trying to narrow his persistent gap with President Obama among women voters . (In recent polling, Romney's disadvantage remains in ...
by Jon Perr
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Whatever happens on Election Day, Mitt Romney's quest for the White House will have been an expensive one. After all, in 2008 Romney spent $45,000,000 of his own money in his first failed bid to ...
by Jon Perr
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Clearly, based on his fact-free performance at this week's debate and his fresh repudiation of the infamous "47 percent" comments he had made to rich patrons, Mitt Romney has decided to channel ...
by rlegro
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Chris Matthews is on Charlie Rose praising Romney to the skies for a "masterful" debate performance, which is shameless BS. I watched the debates, and what I saw was an obnoxious Romney who was rude ...
by BlueSpy
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Edit: forgot to add the Orange to Blue page for Elizabeth Warren! https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/entity/27666 Living in Nova Scotia as I do I get all the Boston TV stations, so I've seen my ...
by hishighness
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Ann Romney picked the wrong week to complain that her husband "has been demonized in many ways as being heartless." As ...
by Jon Perr
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The opening night of the 2012 Democratic National Convention featured a video honoring the legacy of Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy. Ted Kennedy's support of Barack Obama during the contentious ...
by JanF
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Last night, the Democratic National Convention played a beautiful memorial to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, introduced by his great-nephew, Joseph Kennedy III (who is currently running for the House ...
by Laura Clawson
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To read transcript of each speech, just click on the speaker's name to go to the appropriate Transcripts Editors diary. Stacy ...
by Susan Grigsby
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Suppose that in August 2009, Obama had called up Senator Kennedy on his deathbed to talk about the next presidential election. Look, Ted. I know this is the last thing you want to worry about right ...
by Ordinary Average Blogger
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This ad has just been posted (Sep 5th) by ...
by Olympia
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Last November, the New York Times ran a piece titled, " Building a Better Mitt Romney-Bot ." Assessing the aloof and socially awkward Romney's stumbles ...
by Jon Perr
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Politico has found a previously un-aired advert from the Kennedy campaign, that hit Mitt where it hurt, Bain.
by The BigotBasher
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This November senators of class 1 will be up reelection. This diary will look at these very same seats which are up for grabs this November but turn the clock back to 24 years earlier. 1988 was not ...
by lordpet8
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All the focus on Bain and the use of so many elements of the Kennedy/Romney Senate camaign has made me remember Ted Kennedy and the many gifts he gave to our country.
by Karen V
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This will be a short diary but I found this amusing and another example of Mitt Romney's utter inability to be consistent in his principles or representations.
by Morgan Sandlin
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This week, the GOP-controlled House of Representatives voted for the 33rd time in 18 months to repeal the Affordable Care Act. But even if that act of political theater is over for now, ...
by Jon Perr
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