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I've been writing several diaries recently on healthcare reform and the issue of PR and marketing. I'm going to go to continue on this theme and write about the concept of "regular Americans". It ...
by oceanstar17
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A lot of people here lump Palin together with Bush, and even Reagan, as brainless politicians. In a sense, we were crying wolf by calling Reagan an idiot, because he seemed brilliant compared to Bush.
by Kylopod
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Today's revelations that the "President's Surveillance Program" was much broader than formerly reported is ...
by Attorney at Arms
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Little or no Progressive legislation will be passed in the next few years. We will get no Victory. The die is cast. The economic elites have learned our game and are one step ahead of us. They ...
by tecampbell
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This past week, Bill Maher had three avowed conservatives on his show: Joe Wurzelbacher as his opening guest, and David Frum and Reihan Salam on his panel. The sense I got in listening to them was ...
by NCrissieB
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Presidential elections are awfully difficult to predict four years in advance. The 2008 election made that very clear. Still, the Republicans are thinking hard about the next one, especially since ...
by Kylopod
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Michael Connell was killed Friday night when the Piper Supercub he was piloting crashed three miles short of an Akron-Canton Airport runway. He leaves behind a wife and four children. Connelly, ...
by farmbo
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I'm an actuary. I do number crunching. I've gone back to 2004 and looked at some of the states and what they reported on election night and the final totals. And, the conclusions I've drawn, are ...
by CB8421
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There's been a lot of talk that the Republican base didn't show up for this election, that they just weren't inspired by McCain. Looking at the facts, this just doesn't appear to be the case. ...
by CB8421
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As Minnesota prepares to recount the razor-close Senate battle between Norm Coleman and Al Franken (with Dean "Monkeywrench" Barkley also in the mix), I am vividly reminded of the Washington ...
by N in Seattle
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This has been a good election for map lovers. The New York Times has a great set of graphics that shows not only results ...
by Daniel Donner
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Like Kos, I still have the late Steve Gilliard's blog link on my bookmarks, and today, as I have been basking in the wonder of it all, I think back to Steve's fiery, erudite and inspiring posts both ...
by Upper West
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On a chilly early-spring day in 2004, I was standing in a shelter in the westbound el train station at State and Lake Streets in Downtown Chicago. We were deep into primary season. An 8 1/2 x 11 ...
by TheWurx
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Let's get some perspective here. This was a huge victory and we need to say so, loud and clear! In 2004, George Bush beat John Kerry by 35 electoral votes, 286-251. Had the single state of Ohio (20 ...
by wingsnight
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[This is written by a fellow Kerry blogger.] When I sat down to watch the returns on Election Day in 2004, after working a year and a half as a full-time volunteer for the Kerry campaign, I ...
by ayawisgi
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Four years ago this Wednesday, I sat at the folding table that served as my desk in the John Kerry Campaign's McPherson Square headquarters in Washington D.C., my head in my hands, bags under my eyes,
by Brett Ashley McKenzie
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A secretive government program dubbed “Operation Front Line,” ostensibly designed to prevent “terrorist” activity around the 2004 Presidential election, instead primarily ...
by rain dog
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Nothing more to hear, no further evidence to weigh, no more vetting to do. On one side, a vile-tempered intellectually bankrupt mendacious old reprobate shuffling dodderingly after his ever more ...
by jcnossiter
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Poetry be my outlet. Research and the formulation of a sustaining argument are not my strengths. I tend to become overwhelmed by the poetice side, and become dis-ordered. But, these past few ...
by brother country
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As citizen of this great country I am absolutely sick to my stomach that this kind of blatant treason can occur in this day and age. And that is exactly what these types of voter fraud schemes are-...
by Thomas Publius
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