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Look, I completely understand why you might not want to read this at the moment. I understand why, with everything that's happening, this seems frivolous, beside the point, even a frustrating ...
by Mark Sumner
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We are too cool for our country. TV, Bloooood, look out! death to you! Some of you remember that to save a few dollars I canceled cable, so I just have the networks and TBS. Now I watch the local ...
by OLinda
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I believe these predictions to be so accurate that you should avoid this diary if you are afraid of spoilers (and if you consider the historical accounts spoilers). I decided to document my ...
by CatM
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In a bizarre twist that could only come from Hollywood, Variety reports that Paramount Television is shopping around a reboot of the 1999 film Galaxy Quest . More below the orange cloud of ...
by Village Vet
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Arya staring up at some big doors. Dear Book Readers, You know how for the last five years you've been keeping your mouth shut because you didn't want to spoil anything for your non-book-reading ...
by Mark Sumner
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Tyrion did not enjoy his off season cruise. What's that? Oh, hey. Sorry, I was napping there. Let me climb out of this White Walker brand hibernation chamber ... Okay, so, where were we? ...
by Mark Sumner
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America lost a towering genius this week, and I lost a personal idol. Stan Freberg was a legendary voice-over artist, comedian, satirist, puppeteer, impressionist, recording artist, and songwriter.
by Richard Riis
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John Oliver in his raucous and informative HBO television show Last Week Tonight covered the issue of Tobacco and international effects of trade regulations already in effect . Which reminded me of ...
by Angie in WA State
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As many of you know I will be going in for surgery on the 15th of this month. Earlier this week I wrote a diary asking for help in coming up with a reading list for books that were long/series of ...
by BFSkinner
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From the recent Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber . M&M covered vanilla ice followed for dessert. "I know you are all wondering why I'm here tonight.
by annieli
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Rescue me! I got stuck over at E! Online. Jazz Jennings recently appeared on NBC's Meredith Vieira Show . While I'm certain that she was there to promote the fact that she is the newest face of ...
by rserven
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Just imagine Breaking Bad set in any Edwardian colonial outpost and replace crystal meth with incessant clothing changes while having tea and absinthe cookies. Actually this is an opportunity to re-
by annieli
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Yes, it's true. Some people are afraid that too much "diversity" on our TV programming over the last year is hurting the chances of white actors to find work. No, really, they are. This has been ...
by Steven D
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Now that Clarkson has now been sacked , where could he best reinvent his career? Why in the far-flung Colonies, just like every member of the middling class during the heyday of British Imperialism.
by annieli
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This is not a test. Fox has confirmed a new mini-season of "The X Files": “X-Files” is coming back to Fox as a six-episode limited series, the network told TheWrap. The series’ Emmy Award-...
by Jen Hayden
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As much as Jeremy Clarkson's on-air shtick on BBC's Top Gear was to be more witty yet boorish than the collective intelligence of its dull spin-off program on the US's History Channel, his ...
by annieli
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Ahhh, yes.... a classic television show, a drag queens dream.. a bit of comedy heaven... "The Golden Girls" was a classic. I remember watching the episodes when they first aired and rofling, and ...
by BFSkinner
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I mourn thee Mr. Nimoy. Once again, we measure our own time in this life relative to those who we respect and idolize and how the latter inevitably leave us in our and their mortality. Star Trek ...
by chaunceydevega
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It's a complicated world and folks pick different ways to cope with barbarity. Much like the quite "graphic" images available from ISIS itself in its print and online images, combating it should ...
by annieli
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House of Cards is crazy, slick, and in your face. And by the latter, I mean the protagonist Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) breaking the fourth wall and directly talking to you from the screen with ...
by BetterWorldMLK
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