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Teabagger paranoia is approaching critical mass in Indiana, where members of the Tenther strain of teabaggery are declaring their homes ...
by UncommonSense
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If you've ever spent any time debating right-wingers on the issue of health care (or Social Security, Medicare, or-in my case-the Air Force), you will likely come across a "tenther". This post is ...
by djtyg
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Kos wrote today about the Daily Kos/Research 2000 survey on the public option , which is favored in the ...
by Mokurai
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"Nullification" is normally a term that appears in histories of the run-up to the American Civil War. But when Tim Pawlenty needs the support of the extreme right that now dominates the GOP to ...
by Bill Prendergast
Comment Count 28 comments on Sat Sep 12, 2009 at 02:51 PM PDT with 9 Recommends
A new group has joined the crazy chorus of birthers, teabaggers, deathers and toters -- they're called Tenthers. The tenthers are the ones who scream "I want my country back!" and "You took an oath ...
by henry porter
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Texas Tenthers--obsessive "Tenth Amendement" nuts who want to abolish the federal government--are going to march ...
by caseyaaronsmith
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Tenthers are now claiming that the U.S. Federal highway system is unconstitutional. More below the fold.
by caseyaaronsmith
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