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I often read stories about how ACA saved someone's life. There was a good one on Kos today about a conservative who found that his heart condition would be covered thanks to ACA. I guess my story ...
by Chris Reeves
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Parents, students, and teachers took to the streets Friday morning across New York City to protest the state tests in English Language Arts that were given last week. The tests derive from the ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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some thoughts as schools around DC are all closed tomorrow as well as today- since my last name begins with B I am among the first apparently to get the automated phone call telling us Anne Arundel ...
by teacherken
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First, let me set the stage. I was asked to do a piece for Academe, the publication of the American Association of University Professors. That appeared here about the impact of No Child Left ...
by teacherken
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There is great news for animal advocates out there. The European Union has announced that they have passed legislation that will effectively ban of the sale, import, or manufacture of any and all ...
by ladyrhiannon824
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As a first diary, I'm going to test the system out (It works for you it should work for me) by posting an article I wrote a while ago and has something to do with an issue that has been resolved and ...
by aargh
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Good Morning! It's been a hectic week and though I started last week with the best intentions of planning ahead, it's only week two and my schedule has fallen apart slightly. I've had some homework ...
by angelajean
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Republishing this diary in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.... late, but I hope not too late. Also including a link (hopefully) to a new Orange County School Board member Rick Roach, who agrees ...
by winterpark
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A couple of days ago my social networks exploded with chatter about the story that a crazy passage about a talking pineapple had appeared on a New York state reading exam for eighth-graders. Words ...
by adamcadre
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I have been an Educator for 2 years and a student for a lot longer. Rebublicons and those who wish to make a profit off of our public education system have been in full force using standardized ...
by thoughtspitter
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Yesterday morning I am sitting in my classroom around 7:45 doing paperwork when GR, a senior to whom I taught AP Government when she was a sophomore, comes into my room with a huge goodie basket and ...
by teacherken
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I fully agree with those who argue that it is past time for the current testing culture to be sacked and an entirely new approach to mass, public education be developed. That’s why I attended the ...
by OklaBrett
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This diary will discuss the education reform movement in America and mostly rebut the diaries that I have seen lately that need serious clarification and correction. I am a teacher and will have my ...
by GregColeman
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More Than a Test Score Because the kids we teach are so much more than a value assigned from a test score. And the same is true for the teachers too so don't use it as a tool ...
by annie em
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Below is an excellent THINKING speech by a High School Student. It seems that the American Educational Public School system is interested in one goal and that is to teach students how to pass tests.
by thinkingblue
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today all my students will sit for a state required test in Local, State, and National Government. For some, this will be their third (out of four) tests in three days, with Bio on Monday, Algebra ...
by teacherken
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Now here's a subject I don't see hardly anywhere in the blogosphere: education politics. Given that education politics is a matter of students, teachers, and parents in communities of lower-class ...
by Cassiodorus
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Take the test to see whether you are what you think you are, then give it to a friend of the opposite persuasion. You may find you agree on more than you thought.
by Scott on the Spot
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A woman brought a very limp duck into a veterinary surgeon. As she laid her pet on the table, the vet pulled out his stethoscope and listened to the bird's chest. After a moment or two, the ...
by Wintermute
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Psychologists believe it is possible to measure happiness on an objective scale like height, or weight. While tests of happiness look silly, they actually have high reliability and do a good job ...
by typefast
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