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Many Democrats have written off Texas, just like other Southern, right-wing enclaves, such as Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia. But Texas has a history of progressives from Jim Hogg ...
by wtxdem
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The integrity of the vote compromised in Bush's home state?
by Michael D
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This would be no surprise to Molly Ivins. Follow me below the fold to watch as Texas legislators are caught on camera blatantly voting as many as four times, using absent legislators voting devices.
by Jamais Vu
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Interesting and slightly disturbing expose from a local CBS affiliate out of Texas, which shows many in the state senate (including Kossack favorite Noriega) voting up to 4x apiece, on their own ...
by Ajax the Greater
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Are our politicians voting when they should be? Or How they should be?
by Bobacus
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Okay, I usually laugh and blow off the usual asshattery that is the government of the proud state of Texas. It is a vaudville show full of prat falls and jumbled justice jousting. But for the most ...
by pinche tejano
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The Texas House of Representatives, steaming about Speaker Tom Craddick’s repeated declarations that he has absolute power over who may speak in the 150-member chamber, boiled over after ...
by aerialist
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[cross-posted at And, yes, I DO take it personally } talk about bringing the issue of voter fraud suppression down to earth... here you ...
by profmarcus
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by moiv
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A couple ...
by moiv
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Action Alerts for May 14-15 for the Texas House and Senate include: GOOD BILL THAT NEEDS TO BE APPROVED BY BOTH HOUSES: ACTION ALERT CSSB 439 by Deuell ...
by Faith Chatham
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A Texas State Representative called for a "challenge" to the 14th Amendment and blamed illegal immigrants for increases in communicable diseases following debate on a border security bill in the ...
by vpltz
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Read it and weep . All that stands between democracy in Texas and the most vile voter disenfranchisement legislation imaginable ...
by PDiddie
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Seven hundred million dollars. That's how much it will cost to settle the ongoing "FREW" ...
by vpltz
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Full post (with pics) at TexasKaos.com The man who has shown his compassion (not to mention his IQ) for women ...
by krazypuppy
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As some of you who follow financial-related diaries here might know, I've been writing a lot about interchange fees lately. The main reason for this is I'm doing some work with UnfairCreditCardFees....
by Interrobanger
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Texas Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) announced today that he has eleven signatures in the Senate to block debate on Voter ID legislation under consideration by the Texas House. At ...
by vpltz
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Photos by Judy McGeary, used by ...
by Faith Chatham
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There is a house bill that is pending before the Texas State legislature,
by bruised toes
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by BexarWinner
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