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The non-profit organization that sends freshly minted college grads with just five weeks of training into low-income schools where they are expected to teach for a minimum of two years is undergoing ...
by kpascual
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Raw jobs numbers are often reported as though they tell most of the story, but the quality of the jobs is more important than the quantity. Cross posted from Pruning Shears .
by danps
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Cross Posted at MNProgressive Project            Only in the world of modern education reform are folks ...
by AlecMN
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"Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear someone say that 'eliminating poverty in America is the civil rights issue of our day'? Since poverty is the single most reliable predictor of poor performance ...
by plthomasEdD
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I was just reading all the big-name stars who are getting on board for the parent trigger, and I am really stunned by some of the names. Do they know what it means to lightly turn a school over to ...
by floridagal
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Before you read on, I have to warn you. This piece is not a critique of Teach for America . It's merely a question. The two-year program that places recent college graduates into teaching ...
by Tristero 312
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Progressive Libertarian Democrat Larry Tunner comments on the state of health care in America below the squiggle.
by Kuntawpwnsyou
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...and why you should too. First of all I am not talking about the highly profitable non-profit known as “Teach for America” or TFA, an organization which sends “corps members�
by DeweyCounts
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Glad to see this happen. There has been too much of teachers' union leaders standing with reformers in ways that harm the public school teachers who trust their union. From Huffington Post today:
by floridagal
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I find myself asking that question right now as the result of reading an op ed in today's USA Today . It has the ...
by teacherken
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A program that started out with much promise has changed course along the way. Now they are replacing experienced tenured teachers instead of going to schools where they are needed. It costs ...
by floridagal
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I find myself reading his blog at the TFA blog site frequently. He has been recognizing that Teach for America has changed. It was a group that was meant to work in difficult schools where there ...
by floridagal
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The other day, I was thinking about CPAC and all the "conservative" talking points and platform bullets they put out. You know the kind--full of fluff, but absolutely no specifics on how they are ...
by zenbassoon
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