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Pundits blanket the airways every election cycle with their profoundly thoughtful analyses of what the voters are expected to do on Election Day and why. But according to Stanford University ...
by LeftOfYou
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Lance Armstrong, already punished for misdeeds he’d denied, took to television on Thursday to finally confess. But he didn’t apologize. He didn’t follow the redemption steps: ...
by Leo W Gerard
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I had the TV on in the kitchen this evening and was bouncing around the channels when I suddenly found myself watching a John Lott on C-Span . (The full video runs about 45 minutes if you want to ...
by dweb8231
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Molly Ball, journalist at The Atlantic, has written a fantastic piece comparing the excellent Obama ground game with Romney's lack thereof.
by FightingRegistrar
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Ta-Nehisi Coates has published a story in The Atlantic that should be required reading for every citizen; as a matter of fact I would be fine with it being a requirement to prove that you have read ...
by Dallas L
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Greta van Susteren, Byron York and Joe Newby all promote Niall Ferguson's journalistic fraud.
by Skeptic All
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Putting the lie to yet another right wing talking point that Obama is a big-government liberal, The Atlantic has posted an article entitled We Now Have Our Smallest Government in 45 Years , which ...
by Rolandz
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Welcome, friends. The purpose of this regular series is to promote enthusiasm and action among Daily Kos members. Romney will very likely out-fundraise President Obama. However, we believe that we ...
by Tortmaster
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In the wake of the tragic Aurora shootings, gun control is back in the political spotlight. And, predictably as ever, high-profile conservatives and gun-nuts are pontificating about how more armed ...
by Nate in IA
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As someone who was recently called an anti-Semite (elsewhere) for an honest, confessional critique of Israel ( on this site ), I was heartened by Robert Wright's forceful rejection of a similar ...
by David Harris Gershon
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James Fallows has a piece up on the Atlantic's website today under the headline: "5 Signs of a Radical Change in US Politics ." The meat of his piece is summed up by the following points: - First, ...
by litho
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James Fallows, the national correspondent for The Atlantic, has today featured on his Atlantic blog the video produced by our own Crashing Vor which debuted here this morning in this diary The Pig . [
by Clem Yeobright
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Caught a bit of ATC on NPR yesterday -- specifically, a short filler segment about how a frequent commenter on the Atlantic was eventually hired as a writer. Listening to NPR News now and then the ...
by greenomanic
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Over at the Washington Monthly, Rick Ungar opens up a subject that I've been wondering about for some time: why are gasoline prices going through the roof in a season when they usually decline? ...
by marc in MD
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The holidays are over THANK ALL THAT IS GOOD, and it is now time to get back to normal entertainment as opposed to the fantasy type (Say like the old man in a red suit and his flying reindeer or the ...
by thinkingblue
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Great short article over at the Atlantic - What Americans Keep ...
by taonow
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Up until a few weeks ago, I had never paid much attention to Megan McArdle. But then, I was linked ...
by PlutocracyFiles
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While President Obama has received plenty of criticism recently regarding domestic issues, he has also been taken to task on matters of foreign policy, particularly as they pertain to the Middle ...
by David Harris Gershon
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Immediately after the Oslo bombing, The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg wrote a post entitled "Mumbai Comes to Norway," in which he rushed to implicate Muslims ("jihadists") for the attack (as so many ...
by David Harris Gershon
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After a Democratic Report showed that Peter Wallison by repeatedly broke the law,
by Leonard Architect
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