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Former acting president VP Dick Cheney, decided to pop out of his retirement seclusion , his hidden bunker , his ground-hog hole, AGAIN. Like some constant reminder of the long winter that still ...
by jamess
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I'bve written countless diaries about the United States turning into a country concerned only with money and controlled by corporate interests who care far more about net worth than human worth. ...
by boguseconomist
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Republican witnesses disavowed the "Fannie and Freddie caused the financial crisis" meme at a House hearing.
by Been There 1963
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A vast conspiracy of silence surrounds the chief proponent of The Big Lie.
by Been There 1963
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Another disinformation campaign to falsify the history of the mortgage crisis, and to double down on past failures.
by Been There 1963
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To whitewash his own role in creating the mortgage crisis, Richard Kovacevich, the former CEO of Wells Fargo, parrots discredited research promoting The Big Lie about Fannie and Freddie.
by Been There 1963
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The Center for American Progress reviews the SEC lawsuits against former executives at Fannie and Freddie to, once again, refute The Big Lie .
by Been There 1963
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Reckless Endangerment paraphrases AEI "research" used to promote The Big Lie.
by Skeptic All
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A lot of prestigious "academics" who promote the lie about Fannie and Freddie causing the financial crisis are paid by right wing think tanks.
by Been There 1963
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The SEC hopes the District Court will ignore the fine print that exculpates the defendants.
by Been There 1963
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in 2009 the Barney Frank's Financial Services Committee put forth a bill, later passed by the House, which would restrict compensation for executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Darrell Issa ...
by Skeptic All
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The best seller Reckless Endangerment implicates The New York Times in another plagiarism scandal, in which a star reporter appears to be shilling for The American Enterprise Institute.
by Skeptic All
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I'm not a great fan of Cynthia Boaz, but I'll give her fair due. She's written a cracking piece which you can see on TruthOut.org's website, entiled "14 Propaganda Techniques that Fox 'News' Uses to ...
by Marianna76
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For those who haven't read it, I provide a link to Barth's recent diary The Big Lie . This diary picks up ...
by GreyHawk
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How do they do it? Members of the GOP tell one lie after another and for the most part don't get challenged for it. If they do get challenged, they pay no political price for it. How do they get ...
by TexDem
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http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703700904575391142863583852.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_LEADTop I literally couldn't wait to see the Wall Street Journal's "defense" of the indefensible. I ...
by dov12348
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Smearing and slandering a religion, its people, its beliefs for political and financial gain should never again be acceptable. It has however become common practice for American Republicans.
by The BigotBasher
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Republicans are going out in force this week to deliver the talking point handed down by the Ministry of Truth. "Reconciliation is the same thing as the nuclear option." Only when Democrats do it.
by terryballard
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As pointed out by Inky99 here and here , ...
by Hudson
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This diary started off as a comment to Morgan Sandlin's post, McCain/Palin. Bigger Liars Than We Knew , but it got so long I ...
by metropro
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