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On March 30, 2011, an international human rights observer witnessed and reported an unusually cruel and violent confrontation between a NY police officer and an Occupy Wall Street protester. While ...
by praenomen
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In February 2008, with only two candidates left in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama distributed a flier to Ohio voters denouncing Hillary Clinton’s support of NAFTA.
by praenomen
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We've heard a ton of good news: successful sign-ups, decreasing uninsured, premium rates decreasing or holding steady. Yet The Affordable Care Act remains unpopular! What is going on.
by Jamesleo
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Warning: Thought Experiment: What if Vietnam wouldn't agree to a truce and we were fighting there today; even after 50 years. What if Vietnam were winning battle after battle? Could you ...
by Churchill
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To the leadership of the Third Way: Your policies have failed. Despite your constant efforts to mask the truth, most Americans are intelligent enough to know the realities of their own lives. If ...
by praenomen
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Several years ago, a pitiful stray cat searching for food came to our back door. He had been beaten so badly he trembled uncontrollably, walking slowly and deliberately the same way a person in the ...
by praenomen
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Don’t vote. Forget about handing out pamphlets, or making house calls. Don’t contribute. Do not attend political rallies or attend Party conventions. Ignore political polls. Log off your ...
by praenomen
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Crossposted from Rogue Nation. When I moved to DC at in January 1993, I was a partisan liberal Democrat who thought the Republican Party was the country's central problem. When I moved away from DC ...
by david mizner
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I was raised in a Democratic voting household, my dad was a member of the IBEW and we would be considered lifelong Democrats. My family and the millions of families like us make up a significant ...
by oldpunk
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There is a bit here and I ask you to read it. The title comes from a "senior Democratic official" who told Ben Smith that We didn't lose this fight. Barack Obama was in law ...
by TomP
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July 7, 2011 - What a great day for Democrats and Progressives on Daily Kos. I've never been prouder of my party to see all the fantastic action diaries, that felt like fresh air blowing through ...
by Badabing
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Please feel free to file this in your own 'Memory Warehouses' under 'Profiles in Courage.' I have been following Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur for a very long time, and time and time again she just ...
by Badabing
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I knew that this day had to finally come for the great (and very few real journalists out there,) Matt Taibbi, and I for one welcome it. Taibbi has finally had it up to here (hold your hand over ...
by Badabing
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Ok. Let the feeding frenzy be done. I happen to agree with one Kossack who had the courage to write a diary stating that they 'did not care about what the Republicans' have to say. Why should I? ...
by Badabing
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The 2010 election wave has unfortunately swept in a group of lawmakers that apparently have the maturity ...
by Libby Shaw
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Yesterday evening President Obama announced that he had come to an agreement with Republican leaders to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans by two years. A two-year extension, ...
by scottforamerica
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Earlier today I made a couple comments saying Catfood Commission to Middle Class: Drop Dead. Well it seems that Richard ...
by TomP
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by mftalbot
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The tide of history is on our side, the tide of the changing of our national demographics is on our side, and most important of all, as corny as it may sound: truth, justice and the American way ...
by David Zephyr
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Hello fellow Dkos family. We are now thrust upon the gallant day of November 2 of 2010. This is a wonderous and beautiful event. If you have not voted yet, I urge you to vote.
by CupofTea
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