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"I am that which is. I am all that was, that is, and that shall be. No mortal man has ever lifted the veil of me. He is solely of himself, and to this Only One all things owe their existence."
by Dumbo
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A famous painting, /The Incidence at Teplitz/. The man on the left, bowing to the Austrian Emperor's family, is the poet ...
by Dumbo
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Tim Graham of the conservative media watchdog organization Media Research Center�
by barrettbrown
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Disclaimer: I've been meaning to publish this essay for some time now. I have many other writing projects I'm working -- or ruminating -- on, but this one just struck me as especially important. It'...
by Goodkind
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I would like to offer a vision of a new Independence day, a model that transcends the one currently enjoyed by the great unwashed and washed alike. What I mean by this new independence Day is ...
by Le Provocateur
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Martin Luther King Jr.: January 19, 1929 – April 4, 1968 When the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quoted the Declaration of Independence 45 ½ years ago, he did so in a way few people ...
by iampunha
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Recent news out of England is that former Labor Party Prime Minister and current ad hoc Middle East envoy Tony Blair has converted to Catholicism from the Protestant Anglican state church. That in ...
by markin
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Every once in a while left wing propagandists, including this writer, are forced to comment on odd ball political or social questions that are not directly related to the fight for socialism. ...
by markin
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