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I've been following the debate around so-called " right-to-work " laws being pushed through traditionally strong-union states like Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. It's been a pretty sad affair for ...
by poemworld
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This morning finds a hopeful (for me) pronouncement from Robert Borosage in the current issue of The Nation : The Populist Moment Has Finally Arrived Subtitle: Occupy Wall Street put inequality at ...
by Phoebe Loosinhouse
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A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
by Azazello
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So I read several eye-popping climate diaries here today: V.L. Baker's Rate Of Climate Change To Soar By 2020s, With Arctic Warming 1°F Per Decade Joe Romm at Think Progress/climate is bringing ...
by cordgrass
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Never ones to let a terror incident go to waste, the Republicans are using the recent attacks in Paris as an excuse to block changes in the "Patriot Act" meant to rein in the NSA's indiscriminate ...
by Dartagnan
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Some things resonate so strongly with me that the only way I can get it out of my system is to sit down and draw it out. Sometimes I'm channeling my joy... as with this cover I did for The Nation ...
by johnmav
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It's time we explain to Fox-Fans -- how Fox really works. Explain that they don't "report the News" -- they create it . Take this one insidious example, from a long line of Fox-Fearmonging ...
by jamess
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Yesterday, in the Philadelphia Inquirer , the front page revealed that officials at a recently defunct charter school, the Walter D. Palmer School, had invoked their Fifth Amendment right against ...
by DarkScholar82
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From the sinking heart of Florida to the cold climes of Wisconsin....I want to look away, move away... just look what our stoopidity got us, again. It is nothing short of disaster but should not be ...
by boty
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While Ebola dominates the news cycle, it's not all about new cases, quarantines, patients being cleared, or deliberate fear mongering. The course of medicine and the science supporting it ...
by xaxnar
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Social media is a buzz. In one of this past week's online ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Recently, Noam Chomsky wrote a very interesting article in The Nation (can I just say, that is the most stereotypical progressive sentence ever written). In one fell swoop, he managed to piss off a ...
by pragmatic social dem
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Hat Tip to Atrios for pointing to this article in The Nation on Saturday: Could Phoenix Soon Become Uninhabitable? William deBuys looks at the combination of factors that may render Phoenix, AZ ...
by xaxnar
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Efforts to raise the minimum wage for workers in the US - The movement is gaining momentum as more states and communities pass laws increasing wages for the working poor.
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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The rich can buy more of everything. More food. More cars. More houses. More vacations. More boats. But for a democracy to function properly, they should be forbidden from buying more votes.
by Leo W Gerard
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In an interview with The Nation , Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) surprises some and pleases many. The majority of this country is madly in love and/or fascinated with Sanders. ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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John Nichols reports today at nation.com that Bernie Sanders "is prepared to run for president of the United States." It is not an announcement of his candidacy, but rather an interview with the ...
by rk2
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Football has been my favorite sport for many years. Some of my fondest memories are of going with my Dad as an 8 year old to high school football games he officiated on weekends; and for close to a ...
by thirty three and a third
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Reposted from my blog Recently, I saw Respect: A Musical Journey of Women where excerpts of 60 songs, from “ I Will Follow Him ” to " These Boots are Made for Walking " were sung by a cast of ...
by Independent Musings
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This will be a very short one but I wanted to say congrats to State Senator and gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis (D. TX): http://www.thenation.com/article/177654/progressive-honor-roll-2013?...
by poopdogcomedy
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