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By the end of this week, the financial status of every federal campaign in America will be known, as the FEC deadline for reporting second quarter fundraising totals looms this coming Thursday. ...
by Steve Singiser
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Previously I laid out my case that Democrats should be focused on young people.
by pleasedontbefake
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I might be in the minority, but I believe that Democrats are not in for the losses as speculated, and might even see gains. Shocking I know, but most the speculation has focused on voter enthusiasm ...
by pleasedontbefake
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I looked at all national elections since 1946, paying particular attention to the midterm elections. This is of particular interest because of what the Dems might be facing in the Fall elections. ...
by NH Flaming Moderate
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By this point in the 2010 cycle, it is not a surprise to anyone that the forecasts for Democrats in this cycle are pretty dire. One quick tour around the websites for the leading election/horserace ...
by Steve Singiser
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What the fuck happened? How are we about to lose Jack and Teddy's seat to a TeaBagger? This isn't an open seat race in a swing state, this is the Throne of Camelot--and we are losing it to a ...
by True Centrist
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Democrat Barbara Ann Radnofsky's run for the Texas attorney general just picked up a head of national steam thanks to an interview with the Fort Worth Star-...
by sethd
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I looked at our Democratic Senators and divided them up between about three different eras. Pre-1980 and Post 2006, 1980-1994, and 1994-2005. Pre-1980 and Post 2006 represents Democrats use to the ...
by overlordstowell
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It has always been thus. Now comes round two. In the first round, Rahm Emanuel and Howard Dean ...
by Cenk Uygur
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They should've listened to us three years ago , but Lieberman was with us on "everything except the war", ...
by kos
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Jonathan Chait, yesterday : [I]f health care reform fails, ...
by kos
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Iraqi Confesses To Rape, Murder Of Journalist Atwar Bahjat http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/08/04/iraqi-confesses-to-rape-m_n_251134.html Source: The Huffington Post 08/04/...
by VeritasZeitgeist
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by Jed Lewison
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More Lieberman lies from 2006: Lieberman devoted a conference call with ...
by kos
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As we saw earlier today, Lieberman is now a "no" on the public option , a position that is at odds with his 2006 ...
by kos
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We know that Joe Lieberman won his 2006 Senate race as an independent by dishonestly claiming that no one wanted to see the troops home from Iraq more than him, all the while leading the neocon ...
by kos
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Three years ago during the primary campaign vs. Ned Lamont, the Lieberman campaign paid $387,000 in cash and called it 'petty cash'
by LEit
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I first caucused in Iowa in 1984, for Jesse Jackson. I was the only person in the Jackson group in my precinct (go figure), so I joined with the Gary Hart group. That didn't work out so well either. ...
by DHinIA
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Continuing my series from yesterday , I present an overview of my favorite linguist-writer, ...
by Kylopod
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After a string of revelations in 2006 about the Bush Administration's violations of our civil liberties John Cole asked an off-hand, semi-rhetorical ...
by james richardson
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