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The "functionalist" tradition of flexibility in construing presidential power, especially in light of practical needs and congressional acquiescence, manifests itself perhaps most dramatically in ...
by Adagio4639
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House Speaker John Boehner's lawsuit against President Barack Obama will focus on Obama's 2013 decision to unilaterally delay implementation of the so-called employer mandate of the Affordable ...
by murphthesurf3
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Nevertheless one that gave me and my husband a measure of satisfaction. As he is looking thru yesterday's mail, there is an envelop addressed to him in big capital letters from the Heritage ...
by Cadim
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A mildly amusing side light on the ongoing Meta wars.
by WB Reeves
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Last Friday, President Obama made an extraordinary, unannounced, unscripted, un-teleprompted speech about the Trayvon Martin murder and race in America. As Rev. Jesse Jackson said to me after ...
by StewartAcuff
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Nothing is the same this time around, other than the fact that Barack Obama once again got elected President. He isn’t the same as he was four years ago. The nation isn’t the same as it was four ...
by Tom Rinaldo
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First we got that imperfect Obamacares that only helped thousands of people get insurance and treatment that they otherwise couldn't afford. I was already done, then. But now, ho ho, he's going to ...
by GoGoGoEverton
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Republishing this because I think it's important to see again, while many of us are doubting and second-guessing. We need to execute, to make it work. Not doubt, but DO. For her, and for thousands ...
by GoGoGoEverton
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Eleven score and 16 years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent the greatest nation ever in the entire history of the universe, conceived in freedom from all regulations, and dedicated to ...
by shivashankar
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This has to be short, since I am currently at work and could likely get fired for posting a diary on this website. I plan on attending my local caucus tonight and possibly standing up (“voting”) ...
by iowaworker
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This is a righteous rant, so if you are looking for some eloquently written diary with links, charts and graphs, this would not be the one. You can agree or not agree, or ignore this diary ...
by smoothnmellow
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I don't care what anybody thinks. I am a 49 years old, straight, single, white, unemployed male. I haven't been able to pay all of November OR December's rent, my DTV got turned off the other day, ...
by irishamerican
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by doing some diaries that are Titled:
by flirpo
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This site is built on a love of progressive politics. We are called upon by Kos to elect more and better Democrats, and we all agree with that simple aim, but what we really love, though, are the ...
by DHinIA
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This was the phrase that was sure to greet my brother and I whenever we showed disrespect to our parents by disrespecting the house they provided for us. If we left a door open, especially, but also ...
by droogie6655321
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Was this title for a kinda rhyme or a reason? Anyway, here is some flesh to the headline. President Obama has been "AWOL" in negotiations over the economic stimulus package, Sen. ...
by publicv
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The true measure, to me, of the use of force is not political or budgetary considerations. It is, instead, whether it is worth the lives and appropriate to the honor of the men and women who protect ...
by John Minehan
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