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The British Royal Society is warning that Climate Change will increase the risks from extreme weather. ( BBC video report here. ) It's not just from the weather alone; more people from rising ...
by xaxnar
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There's an eye-opening piece in the NY Times on the absurdities of American food fish policies. Global trade, labor economics, sustainability - all of these things collide in a mish-mosh of ...
by xaxnar
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Say you're a scientist, and you're casually looking through the Guinness Book of World Records when you run across an entry that all of your experience and work in the lab tells you can't ...
by xaxnar
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Remember "the Circle of Life" from the Lion King? Lion cub Simba is told by his father how the animals the lions hunt feed them, but one day they too will die, and will feed the grass, ...
by xaxnar
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While we try to figure out the implications of living in a surveillance state, we can't claim we didn't see this coming. There have been plenty of stories in the news over the years, even ...
by xaxnar
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Several items in the news of relevance to Climate Change. Over at The Scientist , there's an opinion piece by Michael E. Mann, Director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center detailing ...
by xaxnar
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Back on July 8, I posted a diary about a couple of climate related news stories , and made the following observation: My point is simple. If climate change is shifting weather patterns away ...
by xaxnar
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Here's a question: why DO Republicans find it so easy to believe thousands of scientists around the world are engaged in a conspiracy to promote a global warming hoax so they can get billions of ...
by xaxnar
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Super Bowl Sunday - a prototypically American celebration. Millions of people will gather around televisions, ...
by xaxnar
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This will be a quick post, mainly pointing up a couple of pieces at New Scientist which should have everyone on alert if you want government actions ...
by xaxnar
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The Scientist has an article reporting that the stimulus money that went to fund science is entangled with serious red tape.
by xaxnar
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For those of you still clinging to the thought that New Jersey might come through for human embryonic stem cell research, here is more evidence that the New Jersey Program is NOT about embryonic ...
by fayeforcure
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