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Whilst 1973 was a roller coaster year, 1974 was downright bizarre.
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Last time we looked at 1972, sort of a quiet year for my favorite ...
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We covered 1971, one of their stellar years, last time . Even ...
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The tumult and live energy of a New Year's Eve deserves some great live rock performances to keep your party going. Youtube's got a bunch of them. Here are some of my favorites. First - Bruce ...
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Last week we finished up 1970, which to date had been by far the best year for The Who insofar as commercial success goes. Sales of Tommy were still good, and Live at ...
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The year 1970 was a roller coaster for The Who . The success of Tommy , both in record sales and in touring revenue, were making them rich. Not just doing OK, but rich. ...
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Hello, boys and girls! Last week, until my ill advised outburst, we were finishing up 1968. Actually, I think that some of their finest work was done then, but their commercial success was not as ...
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Updated 20111210 at 11:33 AM Eastern. Folks, I apologize for the extremely alarming and stupid comment that I made, and sincerely regret upsetting everyone. I have a tendency to speculate ...
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Last week we started this series , beginning in 1958 and ...
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In this series about The Who we have reviewed all of their albums through Who are You , and I chose to stop there because the band were just not the same after the death of ...
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This is the last post that I shall do for albums released by The Who . They died in 1978 when Moon died. However, that does not mean that this is the last post about them. There ...
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The Who by Numbers is the second to last studio album released by The Who , released in October 1975. The UK release date was the the third, by Polydor ...
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♥♥♥ Editor's Note Just a reminder. Kossack, Navajo is having a fundraiser in her diary,
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Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the Concert For New York. It was designed as a benefit concert for The Robin Hood Relief Fund and featured dozens of performers. In many ways this concert was ...
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We had a really good time with Part I last week! I very much ...
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Odds and Sods was the third "canonical" compilation album released by The Who , released 19740928, almost exactly 37 years ago today. In the US the record was released ...
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We last discussed the first side of the seminal album, Quadrophenia , by The Who , entirely written by Peter Townshend. Since that time I have done more extensive research, ...
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I apologize for posting late tonight, but a very rare event happened. The International Space Station made a transit directly overhead at posting time, and I did not want to miss it. Besides, my ...
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I thought that I was done with it, I really did! I was really better the past few days. But depression has set in again. I hate it! I want to be normal, get a job (all of you know that I do have ...
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This is an extremely difficult piece to write, because the only living soul who understands it is Peter Townshend, and he still has a bit of difficulty articulating the concept in terms that we mere ...
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