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Joseph Epstein is a conservative writer, mid-70s, who has spent much of his literary life pissing off readers with liberal or left values. His newest piece in the Wall Street Journal — "The Late, ...
by arlenegoldbard
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Columnist Thomas Sowell writes about what he calls a "fact-free" crusade on gun control. He opens his April 16th column by claiming: Amid all the heated, emotional advocacy of gun control, have you ...
by Eternal Hope
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Thomas Sowell is supposedly one of the rights' leading intellectuals, having attended Harvard, Columbia and U. of Chicago and then taught at Cornell, Rutgers, Amherst, Brandeis and UCLA. Well, so ...
by Upper West
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Thomas Sowell, conservative columnist and owner of the most slap-dash website I've ever seen , has blown the cover off an explosive new book that would have cost Obama teh election!!! It's ...
by eowynsdottir
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Please see Part 1 before reading.
by DSWright
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Reality is far too complex to be comprehended by any given mind. Visions are like maps that guide us through a tangle of bewildering complexities. - Thomas Sowell, A Conflict of Visions , pg 3 The ...
by DSWright
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I understand the fascination with certain white people wanting to justify their political agenda through insisting that African Americans are genetically pre-determined to be less intelligent than ...
by Steven D
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Conservative columnist Thomas Sowell is upset that bullied gay teens are hogging the limelight. Apparently they’re all a bunch of attention whores and drama queens, and as a result, they are just ...
by Chrislove
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Esby here, and Fred Phelps posted my bail! You may remember last week I was arrested in ...
by esby
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Truth-Challenged By David Glenn Cox It seems that we live in a truth-challenged society where the truth is relative. I read in a Thomas Sowell editorial that said, Barack Obama should not ...
by Daveparts
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Thomas Sowell, 20 Aug. 2010: The Point of No Return It is not just evil ...
by Daisy Cutter
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Move over death panels. Now Sarah Palin is tweeting comparisons between President Obama and Adolf Hitler: ...This is about ...
by Jed Lewison
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Today I want to discuss a man that most of you may have heard at from time to time. His name is Dr. Thomas Sowell. In my opinion he is an intellectual fraud and newspapers need to stop running his ...
by ekimsitruc
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Yesterday, in a "Real, Clear, Politics" piece ominously entitled "Dismantling of America, Part II," Thomas ...
by Colt45
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Most Kossacks are familiar with conservative columnist Thomas Sowell. For newbies who are unfaimiliar with his background you can find his wiki ...
by feebog
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Thomas Sowell once again demonstrates his knack for geting it wrong.
by Dr Dive
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Yes, folks if you cast your ballot for Barack Obama you are going to lead the United States into a bloody revolution that will leave millions dead and no one free. I know it's true ...
by DemSign
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Okay, so I drag myself out of bed last Wednesday morning, shower and dress, and go retrieve the newspaper from the front porch. I sit myself down at the kitchen table and begin reading, eventually ...
by dsteffen
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Every now and again, one runs across an editorial that just takes one's breath away. Take the case of the article by Thomas Sowell on Barack Obama now at National Review Online.
by rnaworld
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Much has already been written on the subject of Jonah Goldberg's no-doubt-fantastic tome Liberal Fascism: The Totalitarian Temptation from Something or Other to Something Entirely Unrelated to ...
by barrettbrown
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