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Pro-government thugs at Tahrir Square used clubs, machetes, swords and straight razors on Wednesday to try to crush Egypt’s democracy movement, but, for me, the most memorable ...
by teacherken
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The is a lightly-edited repost of a diary I wrote back in 2005. Enjoy I've been thinking about the TSA's naked scanners and pat-down grope searches, and wondering if it makes sense to give up my ...
by troutwaxer
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When unions fought for safe and fair working conditions, the bosses brought in entire police forces and hired thugs to physically intimidate, injure and kill the workers. This continues to be ...
by jdecock
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This will be a short diary. I think the video speaks for itself.
by norwood
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Democratic staffer is pulled off the campaign trail for safety Allen West and Joe Miller: Thugs of a Feather ...
by norwood
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The Salt Lake Tribune reports : Reid was invited by a fellow Mormon to give a fireside talk at an LDS stake center in Las ...
by Chino Blanco
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Much ado has been made from right wing commentators on Obamas swift reaction to Haiti's devistating hurricane vs. his 3 day lapse regarding the Christmas day terrorist attempt. The Haitian ...
by kanuk
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The so called Baucus Bill should be called the Insurance Company Subsidies Act. It was largely written by lobbyists for the health insurance industry. As Bill Moyers reported on Friday, Max Baucus's ...
by labor in vain
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Time to add a new label to the lexicon of distractions. In addition to Birthers, Deathers, and Teabaggers, let's add Packers . (h/t to Troubadour) These are all different names for ...
by henry porter
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I just read a diary, thankfully not on the rec list, in which the diarist brags about bringing a megaphone to a health care meeting and using it "point blank" to shout down the opposition. This is ...
by jorogo
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Be careful kids, Daddy's angry, and that means shouting and threats and the possibility of real violence, cause Daddy is big and strong. And when he's angry you better hide. When the people took ...
by grr
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The teabaggers and the birthers and the others who are whipped in a frenzy about killing healthcare reform have shown that they're indeed going to follow their marching orders and try to shut down ...
by azpenguin
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Like many of you, I've written letters to my congressman and senators asking them to consider my (the majority American) view on health care reform. I say "many." Why not "all?" Doesn't take long ...
by Crashing Vor
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We need a way to show our presence at health care townhalls without trying to shout down the shouters. I thought some clear simple signs could help.
by bobtmn
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The for profit private health insurance companies and their paid minions are out in force trying to scare the public and our representatives with lies and meeting disruption tactics that have been ...
by SusanL143
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According to Russian media , current(and not permanent) President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is leaving for that Asian summit in ...
by Setrak
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OK, its been almost 100 days. As a member of the Executive Branch, I am under certain restrictions to my speech which I am fine with. I have held my tongue so that no one could say I was not in ...
by ksuwildkat
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Yea, the bombs are dropping and IDF is amassing troops and tanks and god knows what else to go into Gaza and once and for all punish these wayward terrorism minded non people into a submission just ...
by hosshoss777
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My old editor (at Suck ) Ana Marie Cox has a post up at Time's Swampland ...
by Hudson
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I've been watching the House Rules Committee meeting, and am now listening to Rep Kaptur ... all on CSPAN ... and, I gotta tell you folks, I see very little indication that "government by Dow" is ...
by understandinglife
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