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This is an outstanding interview and I highly recommend watching the whole thing.
by Lefty Coaster
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Of all the charges against Bradley Manning, the most pernicious -- and revealing -- is “aiding the enemy.” A blogger at The New Yorker , Amy Davidson, raised a pair of big questions that now ...
by NormanSolomon
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DeSmogBlog Climate activist Tim DeChristopher is set to be released from prison on Earth Day, this Sunday April 21st, since being incarcerated on July 26, 2011. It's amazing to consider his ...
by VL Baker
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When ordinary means are insuficient to prevent a monsterous harm from being perpertrated the only choice left is to go above and beyond the ordinary to persue a higher justice. The inertia of our ...
by Lefty Coaster
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Chris Hayes calls it his "Story of the Week" ... and it begins with a daring act of Civil Disobedience ... Climate activist Tim DeChristopher goes to trial by Ask Umbra, grist.org -- Feb 23, ...
by jamess
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(For huge breaking news/update, jump to the end of the diary) Civilly disobedient climate activist & fellow kossack Tim DeChristopher was moved yesterday recently to a small cell and rarely gets ...
by LaughingPlanet
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Word spreads fast in the climate community and as word has gotten out about the theft of Peaceful Uprising’s funds people across the country have stepped up to help. Donate Here 'Just because ...
by credstone
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The following is the Obama 2012 form letter and a link to my 2012 fundraising page. I am not happy with the administration and when they asked me, one of the first and main state organizers for ...
by credstone
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I am posting this diary on behalf of [Davey Rogner http://www.dailykos.com/user/Davey%20Rogner] of [Pick Up America http://pickupamerica.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/join-me-to-protest-the-...
by JekyllnHyde
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I just got an email from my dear friend Malinda Chouinard, announcing that Patagonia is going to support Tim deChristopher with a $25,000 donation to his legal fund. In her email, she asks that we ...
by BoogieMama
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Apparently on Tuesday, the White House appointed Sen. Mike Lee's (R-Teabagger-crazy) legal counsel for the position of US Attorney in Utah, a seat that has been open for 18 months. ...
by TAH from SLC
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I am stepping forward with another request for a Google Bomb of a video featuring Tim DeChristopher speaking on Civil Disobedience and his upcoming sentencing, at Netroots Nation 20011 last month in ...
by Lefty Coaster
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011 Salt Lake City, Utah Immediately after being sentenced to two years in federal prison and $10,000 in fines Tim DeChristopher was put in heavy leg chains and escorted out of ...
by credstone
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As mentioned here already, Tim DeChristopr was given a prison sentence in federal court in Utah today for an act of civil disobediance that disrupted a BLM oil lease auction that the Bush ...
by oldpotsmuggler
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Tim DeChristopher the famous (or infamous) "Bidder Number 70" who's courageous actions disrupted a sloppy, and rushed oil and gas lease, set up by the Bush Administration's Bureau of Land Management,
by Lefty Coaster
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While at Netroots Nation 2011, I had the privilege of speaking to some very ...
by kgosztola
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Personally, I think we are past the tipping point i.e. screwed. I am not a scientist so given the opportunity one day I ...
by Clifflyon
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Evironmental hero Tim DeChristopher will be speaking to 10,000 attendees at the Powershift Conference Saturday evening.
by credstone
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by Sarah Laskow, Media Consortium ...
by The Media Consortium
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After deliberating five hours, a federal jury in Salt Lake City, Utah has convicted Tim DeChristopher on two felony counts. DeChristopher, "Bidder 70," bid in December 2008 on Bush administration ...
by RLMiller
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