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If you like short diaries because they get the message across without much fuss, here's one for you. In London - central London, not some out-of-the-way little suburb - St James Church near ...
by Celtic Merlin
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Israel releases hunger striking prisoner Ayman Sharawneh to Gaza.
by Friendlystranger
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During Obama’s visit to Israel/Palestine, the President spent a very little time in Palestine, going to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and meeting with Palestinian President Abbas in ...
by Fire bad tree pretty
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Bethlehem, Pennsylvania workers lost one of their brothers this week. Pete DiPietro was a big man with a bigger heart. Its a big loss. He will be greatly missed. Valley loses an advocate for ...
by srfRantz
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Palestinians & International activists in Gaza continued demonstrations in support of Palestinian hunger strikers. Attention was called to Samer Issawi , who was near death after over 200 days on ...
by Friendlystranger
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A winter storm hits the West Bank, Gaza & Israel.
by Friendlystranger
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is a fictional character created by my father. When I told him I was going to pursue a career as an actor, he sat down and wrote a play, a monologue, a memoir for me to perform. He wrote about the ...
by srfRantz
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A committee of the Knesset votes to ban MK Hanin Zoabi from next month's elections. But since it is expected the Supreme Court will overturn the ban, this may just be posturing to appeal to voters.
by Friendlystranger
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Photo by Adam Reeder, Bethlehem, West Bank. OND is a community feature on Daily Kos, consisting of news stories from around the world, sometimes coupled with a daily theme, original research or ...
by jlms qkw
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I am tempted to call it a primeval struggle, drenched in antiquity, shrouded in religious fervor and destined to feed future conflict until come judgment day, whenever the heck that may be. Except ...
by KAMuston
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The Real News looks at a recent report by the Bank of Israel on the Israeli economy.
by Friendlystranger
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What difference will it make to the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank when the world meets their demands for freedom and self-determination? One difference it will make: like other peoples of ...
by Robert Naiman
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During Christmas Mass, Jerusalem's Latin Patriarch asks for Middle East peace. Christian Palestinians celebrate Christmas, but the Occupation presents problems.
by Friendlystranger
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The Monk says 'sweep this way' the Priest says 'No sweep this way! OY! ...
by roseeriter
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These are images Americans rarely see, images that express what a working life under occupation looks like – images contrasting our SUV-congested commutes with the cattle-herding backlogs ...
by David Harris Gershon
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The US to Gaza campaign has announce it will sail to Gaza in the US flagged ship The Audacity of Hope in late June. Alice Walker talks in a video about ...
by Friendlystranger
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Palestinian community leaders comment on the closing of 25 community centers by Israel in Jerusalem.
by Friendlystranger
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But ONLY from her car window! Agreed, it’s not much of a Diary - but it’s just another in a long series of “Not Ready For Prime Time” Palin moments not to share.
by dmhlt 66
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People are still reacting to the US veto of the resolution calling settlements in Palestine illegal. Israelis have objected to it . . .
by Friendlystranger
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Christmas is part of the resistance to the occupation of Palestine. Tourism to Bethlehem is making unemployment in the West Bank go down, & is fueling the push by Palestinians to unilaterally ...
by Friendlystranger
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