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Blue collar workers know things about the country by the very nature of the fact that they are building it. In commemoration of Labor day, it's time for a check in with "the blue collar life". There ...
by wavpeac
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There's a good Op-Ed over at 'Truthout' on the rapid advancing alternative energy industry that's been happening in Europe. Plenty of news over the past couple of years about the other side of the ...
by jimstaro
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Stopping 'job creation', in all it's forms, right dead in it's tracks as other countries advance forward into Alternatives! The 'special interests' have won again in blocking this countries ...
by jimstaro
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From a Repulican to the mitt and representatives! businesses supporting clean energy have become a target for disparagement for politicians, some of whom are Republicans like me. I knows, I have a ...
by jimstaro
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A while back the NH Labor News posted a message about Mike Rowe and his campaign "Mike Rowe Works".  The post was titled Mike Rowe Believes In American Skilled Labor . Mike Rowe, from the the show ��
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Looks like I wasn't the only one really impressed with last weeks CBS 60min. Report on the Homeless in Florida and the two youngsters who were mainly profiled in the report. They didn't talk to the ...
by jimstaro
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No money for infrastructure? Get ready to crumble!
by jimstaro
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Jay Gould, the 19th Century dastardly Robber Baron, once said, "I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half." He'd be smiling right now. We see people being pitted against ...
by Tasini
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It is a matter of fact that most of what we hear about on trade unions in the United States' media stream generally deals with negative stuff that perpetuates the perception that anything and ...
by Union Review
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