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Something else I've been pondering about the slow, inexorable, highly entertaining death of marriage exclusivity in America. The most coherent -- which is to say, the least incoherent -- argument ...
by GrafZeppelin127
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I read this article recently on studies done on comfort food to determine whether it's actually a thing, whether food helps improve our moods or not. While I'm all for science dispelling myths that ...
by Elizaveta
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These are words that came from President Obama today while speaking about the differences between our military and civilians returning from countries experiencing outbreaks of Ebola: "We don't want ...
by angelajean
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America is deeply rooted in tradition. We all love our founding fathers regardless of their political affiliations or our own. Even now, nearly 250 years after the founding of our nation, both sides ...
by GregWright
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Or at least the huge steam locomotive depicted in the 2004 movie is, alive and well, and steaming away in Michigan ! NPR had a story on the 66 year old steamer which recently returned to ...
by xaxnar
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At long last, football season is only a few weeks away. When it begins, I will resume a tradition that stretches back to before I can even remember. Prior to my birth, my father purchased a ...
by cabaretic
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I once advised people that if they found themselves uttering the phrase, "I'm not a racist," to stop there and ask why they felt the need to say it. Apparently, they have taken my advice and have ...
by Woody25
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For those who read the NY Times, you know that their op-ed pages include a variety of viewpoints. One of their contributors, Ross Douthat, is an unreconstructed defender of religious traditionalism.
by Wanderer1961
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"The essential quality of life is living; the essential quality of living is change; change is evolution: and we are part of it. The static, the enemy of change, is the enemy of life." (John Wyndham,
by Eowyn9
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It has been around eighty-two years since the first gender reassignment surgery surgery. It has only been 13 years since the Catholic Church decided that surgery for transsexual people is "against ...
by rserven
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But First, ...
by Steven Payne
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The election is over and it went exactly like Nate Silver and I told you it all would. Needless to say I get less attention and affection than Nate Silver. I became specially active trying to quell ...
by timtimes
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I’ve woken up the past few mornings, and taken the dog out, while my wife and baby are sleeping contentedly away – to greet the sun with a nip of frost in the air, and the smell of leaves ...
by MusicFarmer
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I stumbled upon an article and have been reading it and actually laughing. The breakdown is below:
by sasharusa
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I’ve seen a number of wonderful commentaries on the conundrum of the current GOP stance on civil liberties: we want the government out of our lives, except where women’s reproductive issues are ...
by CyberLady1
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My maternal grandmother passed away many years ago, but I felt her presence while Ann Romney was speaking to the Republican National Convention last week. Although my grandmother was born in the ...
by CyberLady1
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JISHOU, HUNAN, CHINA -- The term is over, and I have just finished a grueling round of reading short essays and longer research papers from 157 college juniors. This one stands out as the most ...
by wheatdogg
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Surprising as it may be ... it always hasn't been that way ... History of Women's Suffrage -- 19th Amendment From Grolier [...] The United States The demand for the enfranchisement of American ...
by jamess
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by angelajean
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Christendom, like other religions before it, assimilated former religions to forge its own traditions. This is very much the rule rather than the exception when a new religion begins to dominate an ...
by Translator
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