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I wrote this with the hopes that it could get published in Rappler.com, a Philippines based news agency, but it didn't make the cut so I am publishing it here.
by DustinDeMoss
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This unbearably tragic story comes from Iowa, and adds to the pattern of law enforcement officials in this country behaving as though they are Stormtroopers soldiers. I can hardly bear to share: ...
by David Harris Gershon
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Maybe not. But the loss of hope for gun control is becoming a durable abnormal. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/dana-milbank-after-navy-yard-shooting-rip-for-gun-control/2013/09/17/c95fb606-...
by LaFeminista
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Justice won't be denied. Not for long. Unfortunately, the interim between "Justice Denied" and "Justice At Last" can be fraught with violence, bloodshed and death born of anger, frustration, ...
by GreyHawk
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I am sick to my stomach right now. We have at least 2 breaking diaries and one front page post about 2 major disasters that have happened in the past few hours. In the comments of these posts you ...
by LaughingPlanet
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I usually try to write here in my rational, well-reasoned voice. But today's short diary is written while I'm angry and irrational. Is it negligent to build a school in the middle of tornado ...
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I just received an email from the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation , asking if I would post a Mother's Day message for the mothers who lost children on that terrible day in December. This is their ...
by BeninSC
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(NOTE: Dr. Giroux has provided written authorization to the diarist to reproduce his work in its entirety for the benefit of the Daily Kos community. Giroux is a member of Truthout's Board of ...
by bobswern
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Amazing News Video. "The sky lit up in orange..." (won't embed). Major update : The blaze was extinguished early Thursday, U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Carlos Vega... The cause of the fire, which ...
by jpmassar
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I'm struggling with how to reconcile responses to the recent tragedies which have occurred in the US. This week we as Americans have had two significant incidents happen - the bombing in Boston ...
by djmeen
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Short diary, unfortunately came in late from my evening run and Erin Burnett was playing forensic technician on CNN with some dude playing with a "hologram" of the Boylston street scene. Erin states ...
by cfm
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Whenever tragedies happen like what has happened in Boston, I am reminded how incredibly short life is. As the nation mourns this terrible event, we need to remember that we also must LIVE in ...
by Pam LaPier
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Memory is a funny word. People have memory. They remember. Events can be memories. They are remembered, but they also cause people to, in turn, retain those memories. Memories are not histories-
by JLan
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. . . REALLY a reason to own a firearm ? ? § Since the tragic shooting of 26 people in a school building in Newtown, CT a few weeks ...
by Rick Shreiner
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There is great news for animal advocates out there. The European Union has announced that they have passed legislation that will effectively ban of the sale, import, or manufacture of any and all ...
by ladyrhiannon824
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Was reading the nightly news and came across this A blast ripped through the Mexico City headquarters of state-run oil giant Petróleos Mexicanos Thursday, killing at least 25 people and injuring ...
by duhban
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If this paranoid man was not holding a gun in his hand, an innocent man who just wanted to go iceskating would be alive tonight: A 69-year-old war veteran and former missionary was arrested over ...
by james321
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A long time ago I decided that a young man was someone five years older than I was or less. Even as it evolved over time, it still worked for me. Now I just don't know. In a few weeks I'll be sixty ...
by DaNang65
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I have no idea what the significance is, if any, of the fact that all three of NASA's tragedies, which took the lives of 17 astronauts, occurred on the calendar within six dates of each other. This ...
by GrafZeppelin127
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No democratic legislation int his country has ever called for a ban on all guns; rather we call for gun CONTROL. We need tighter gun control in this country and the reasons should be obvious. ...
by ladyrhiannon824
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