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Full details - conference.organizing20.org For six years now, a volunteer crew has been teaching organizing (and digital organizing) skills to thousands of people in New York - and elsewhere. If ...
by clenchner
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Thanks to a patron with a cell phone, the cop who slapped a homeless man in Ft Lauderdale is facing an investigation. Police abuse of force should be addressed systematically, but not only by ...
by wordmonkey
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Personal Note: I have experienced a devastating data loss regarding my now six-year long book project (don't ask - data encryption gone wrong). I was holding back on publishing this diary, thinking ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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There must be a rule that bad government policies can never be ended, only layered with more bureaucracy. That's the path that President Obama took today with the fall-out from the Ferguson fiasco.
by gjohnsit
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Y'all know how I feel about the republican party. I'm mad. I'm tired and I'm ready to deliver a 1000 surprise pies to the faces of the GOP.
by mdmslle
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Lots of you don't recognize my name but I can assure you that I've been around here a long, long, long time. Maybe an old-timer or two can jump in to vet my work. I'll make this quick since time ...
by mindoca
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As a member of the Profession of Arms I find the situation in Missouri disgusting. What makes me even more disgusted is the idea that these goons represent what a "militarized" police for looks like.
by ksuwildkat
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DK Employability Group (DKEG) Kossacks working together to improve skill-building, training, and employment prospects regardless of circumstance There should be a place to share and seek advice ...
by annieli
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DK Employability Group (DKEG) Kossacks working together to improve skill-building, training, and employment prospects regardless of ...
by annieli
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Yes, this will piss people off, and yes, I am in mourning and complete horror at the deaths caused for, what seems, no reason whatsoever...
by SammyK
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Good morning Kosacks! Happy Holiday's from myself and the little Targ in training! Kids go back to school soon, and I wanted to take the chance before that happens, and while the holiday guests ...
by FloridaSNDad
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More and more people are legally carrying more and more guns in our society. Whether they are law enforcement officers or holders of state permits they generally receive training prior to setting ...
by guninsuranceblog
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Hello to all my friends in Kosack land! This is little M, and I wanted to take the time while I had the chance to thank all my Dkos friends for helping me get to my forever home. I have a brand ...
by FloridaSNDad
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We leave no man behind. I need to get Glen SuperDoc Miller form California back to the bus in Detroit after securing his personal belongings at home. We are looking to buy him plane ticket to St Luis,
by gordonsoderberg
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It's Friday again! I thought I would show some working pictures of Sophie today. As you can see by Itzl's concerned look, this group is for us to check in at to let people know we are alive, doing ...
by FloridaSNMOM
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Journey of the Veterans Green Bus is just beginning. We have built the bus, tested ourselves and Large Marge under the harshest of conditions and are now poised to start the real business we created ...
by gordonsoderberg
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For many of us the rules of engagement at work are changing, from the traditional approach of being told what to do by “bosses”, to a new more egalitarian approach where a team of colleagues ...
by leftyparent
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by shortfinals
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This is your war on drugs; ongoing and completely untrammeled by the Sequester. There will ALWAYS be money to chase drug users. Before I get to the story, let me say I read the story a couple times ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Organizing New York takes place March 22-24 at the United Federation of Teachers , 52 Broadway. Register here . A full schedule for Friday and Saturday is here . Join us at Organizing ...
by clenchner
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