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Billions have been spent on these Wars of choice! With those Billions spent Billions were made by many, new multi-millionaires with connections were produced as well as a high priced merc private ...
by jimstaro
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Beginning Sunday, 3 October, the WashPost is running a series of articles on brain injuries suffered by soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm a Vietnam veteran who retired from active duty in 1995 ...
by Old Redneck
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ProPublica and National Public Radio (NPR) are reporting that soldiers ...
by Eclectablog
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OK, this is apolitical but important. I got a friend of mine that is taking part in a Boston Red Sox sponsored event to raise money for returning wounded Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. http://www....
by aaraujo
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A little more than a year ago I introduced many of you to Leslie Kammerdiener in a diary ...
by Icarus Diving
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2,000 x 2,300/month. That would be the current cost. Do the math. $4,600,000/month. $55,200,000. The cost of providing stipends to family members who take care of severely wounded veterans of ...
by teacherken
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We lead off with the ending of the first part of ...
by jimstaro
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This photo by Brandi Simons accompanied a recent article by Mary Jordan profiling Sen. Tom ...
by henry porter
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by jimstaro
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The following (the start of the body of this diary) is a comment I left on a fine diary by jedley. It's on the Rec list. It's about wingnut violence and the FBI's involvement, among other ...
by wewhodream
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This is about a soldier named Kevin who was seriously wounded in Afghanistan in May of last year. He and three others were in a Humvee that was the target of a suicide bomber. Kevin and one other ...
by Icarus Diving
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I've recently started posting diaries relating to links for military and veteran related issues and am glad they've been well received. Here's another, pertaining to Traumatic Brain Injury. My ...
by Maura Satchell
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In 2004, the day after George Bush was re-elected, my life as I knew it ended. I learned the hard lesson that many who sustain a traumatic brain injury learn. TBI survivor, and author of I'll ...
by DEQ54
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Heal the Country . I most certainly am not an Edward Tick, author ...
by jimstaro
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There are many examples of the Bush administration's habit of transferring the consequences of its failures to non-governmental entities to clean up. From food banks stretched to the breaking point ...
by Crashing Vor
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by Bcgntn
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I'm also a professional in the field of drug addiction. I've been tempted to write a diary about it for a long time, but haven't. Today, I went to a conference about Promoting Recovery with Recovery ...
by JohnMac
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For the past three days, this five-part diary series has shared the experiences of Rachel, an Iraq War Veteran, and her encounters with the private military contractor, KBR. In a series of interviews,
by NeverStopTheProgress
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Wait. Pastor Agnostic has to take a deep breath before screaming on. Ok. THOSE BLOODY, BRAINLESS, VILE ASSES! Whew, now I feel ...
by agnostic
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cross posted from Sancho Press. http://sanchopress.com/ There is also a war going on. There are men and women dying and getting maimed. There are men and women getting screwed by the right ...
by TKK
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