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When you're awaiting your first child you go through all of the checklists. Have you read enough books? Are you prepared with the baby proofing? Is your house in order? Are you making sure ...
by Chris Reeves
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Country singer Mindy McCready has been found dead at age 37 apparently of a self inflicted gun shot wound. She leaves behind two children, the youngest is 10 months old. The father of the ...
by Intheknow
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In a classic blaming-the-victim statement Ronald Reagan said that “people who are sleeping on the grates…the homeless…are homeless, you might say, by choice.”
by joeshwingding
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With the investigation conducted by former FBI director Louis Freeh being released today and offering a scathing indictment of the leadership of Penn State University for letting this happen. The ...
by restondem
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The American Psychiatric Association Task Force on Treatment of Gender Identity Disorder has recommended development of clinical practice guidelines for psychiatrists who care for transgender ...
by rserven
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Well now, this is something that I can get behind, a WHOLE NEW approach to HIV, eradicating it! And Gilead Sciences is proposing to do just that. In a press real yesterday from Gilead Sciences, it ...
by l3m0n
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Not that this is any surprise to my family. I think that they've known for years that something had changed in me after my last deployment. However, I could never accept such weakness in myself. ...
by Bonsai66
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by Bill Schmalfeldt
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Monday Night Cancer Club is a Daily Kos group focused on dealing with cancer, primarily for cancer survivors and caregivers, though clinicians, researchers, and others with a special ...
by DrLori
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This diary is basically a republishing of a paper I wrote awhile back. The original paper -- written when I was 20 taking a graduate class in my undergraduate program -- was over twice the length of ...
by sricki
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This diary is crossposted to my blog, where I've posted a great color photo of the good doctor himself . Be sure to check it out. ...
by MPetrelis
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** Thanks for the Diary Rescue mem from somerville!*** A few weeks ago, DailyKos superstar Meteor Blades posted a diary encouraging everyone to share their personal stories.
by adaptive
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if our government is going to mandate (FORCE) us to buy crapsurance, and the crapsurance murder companies can then still DENY to pay for our treatments, then we are nothing short of SLAVES...
by darwinsfeet
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Grant System Leads Cancer Researchers to Play It Safe ...
by don mikulecky
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Last week, I attended the 2009 Annual Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO) meeting. The theme this year was personalized medicine in cancer. The takeaway message of the meeting is that we need ...
by CatM
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A number of reports have sprung up in the last few days following the very tragic shooting by one soldier in killing five of his fellow soldiers at an in country military stress clinic, of which he ...
by jimstaro
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Monday morning I felt weak as I ever have. I've been slowing down over the past few years, but this was something else. I get regular check ups, eat well, put on a lot of weight in spite of that (...
by don mikulecky
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UPDATE : Edited title and parts of the story to indicate that this is not a full stage-3 trial, so the results are not yet guaranteed. Anyone who has had a friend or relative slide ...
by Laughing Vergil
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PEPFAR, a AIDS treatment bill passed five years ago is now up for debate as both the Senate and House consider reauthorizing the legislation. Five years ago there was a spending mandate. This bill ...
by rpritchard
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As I've posted here recently (and written about for years over at Editor & Publisher ), the true cost -- both human and financial -- of our current wars can best be viewed through the prism ...
by GregMitch
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