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Have you been reading lately about “trigger warnings?” These are alerts to those who find themselves in a college classroom or other public setting, warning them that some of the material they ...
by arlenegoldbard
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As brilliant and loving as she was beautiful. Melaney Parker was married two months to a wonderful man, had plans to move to Austin, Texas and pursue graduate studies. A promising future was lost. ...
by Singing Lizard
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Caution: Trigger. The topic covered therein will include the use of sexually charged language and topics.
by GreenMother
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So, two weeks after the election, out of a weird curiosity, I decided to run a Google search to see whether the GOP Rape Advisory Chart was still floating around. I knew about the 19,000 Tumblr ...
by Brainwrap
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After the not-so-surprising failure of the so-called "super-committee", the Republicans are celebrating what they think is a huge political victory. What the Republicans fail to realize is that ...
by DownstateDemocrat
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The Republicans in Congress have unintentionally put us on a path to balance the Federal budget with tax increases, large cuts in military spending, and no cuts to Medicare or Social Security. Only ...
by Sarge in Seattle
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America is not a ...
by Hunter
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Good morning and Good afternoon, Kossacks ! On the front page,
by Vote4Obamain2012
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Call it History,, Americana, Popular Culture or trivia in the age of twitter, but earlier this month Roy Rogers Horse Trigger (and Bullet, Buttermilk and Trigger Jr.) was put on the Auction block ...
by ejreed
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Unlike American politicians, Canadian ones have been honest with their people about the implications of the multilateral trade agreements that Canada has signed, for the nation's existing health ...
by Andiamo
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As just a simple citizen, not some wonk congressional strategist, if the WH is going to roll us on the Public Option, does it make any sense to ask them to throw us the sop of a trigger?
by rockfish
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I have been doing a lot of listening to the blogosphere ever since the Senate deal was struck, both here and on other blogs. There have been numerous times where I have felt the need to angrily ...
by Doctor Who
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I've suggested this before in comments. Now I'm going to suggest it in a diary. Please, please, please flame this - because if Joe Lieberman thinks the left *likes* this idea, he'll vote against it ...
by blue aardvark
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Once it became clear that there were not 60 votes in the Senate to overcome a filibuster of health insurance reform, President Obama could have asked Majority Leader Reid to do either of these things:
by Eric Stetson
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My head reels, but really, you can't make this shit up. From Jon ...
by whataretheysmoking
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I know that I can't post his piece verbatim but in light of the dueling, diametrically-opposed diaires currently on the rec list -- again! -- I recommend that everyone go over ...
by mindoca
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It seems that Reid and conservadems are negotiating more productively than we give them credit for. Rockefeller and Durbin seem to be on board. Below are the key quotes from Brian Beutler's TPMDC ...
by ystasino
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There has been a moratorium on truth in ads being run by a number of groups that support the current "health reform" bill, and they need to be called to task on them. Lying about as important issues ...
by Andiamo
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I hear a lot of people talking about "public option" and various other ways to keep the insurance companies in the loop, and I know that few of them seem to realize that the very concept of ...
by Andiamo
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I have come to the conclusion that the only way to get any kind of healthcare reform passed at any time in our lifetimes is to simply support a triggered public option. We cannot have a robust ...
by LarryKrebbs
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