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For most folks, today is a respite from work, courtesy of the Presidents Day holiday. But, how well do you know your presidential history? Tim Engle of the Kansas City Star has ...
by Steve Singiser
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Here's something to test your knowledge, of Politics, History, and Trivia. I will post 10 Quotable Quotes. See if you can Match them up to the Person "Who Said That" ? ...
by jamess
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While in college, I once gathered entries from Dictionary of Changes in Meaning by Adrian Room, ...
by Kylopod
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At 11:00 on Monday night I tuned into The Daily Show. Jon Stewart was talking about old stuff from a few months ago. It was obviously a re-run. Is he on vacation? So I switched to Rachel Maddow. ...
by Dbug
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In the spirit of positivity - and fun, arbitrary list-making - I would like to present a list of "bests" and invite the same on any subject(s). Come, display your profound knowledge of...whatever......
by Troubadour
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Maybe I’m waiting in line at the grocery store and I glance at the cover of a People Magazine and I think to myself, who the fuck are Jon and Kate? Or maybe someone posts something on their ...
by Dbug
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I miss good ads . Once upon a time, there were good ads - lots of good ads. Ads that stuck in your brain. Jingles that became earworms and wouldn't leave ...
by SciMathGuy
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This diary first appeared as the "Special Bonus Section" in my diary The Inaugural Address, Part 1 . Since only a few nuts ...
by Dragon5616
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First things first... To all who have served and are serving in the armed forces of the once again best country on earth... THANK YOU . Bill is off today so I'm filling in.
by Spedwybabs
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1. The Vice-President breaks ties in the Senate. Washington DC may get a voting representative in Congress next year, bringing the total size of the House to 436. What happens if there is a tie in ...
by Twoflower
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I have no idea what the profile or demographic of Facebook users is, but check out this Causes page: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/election?m=aa87196f&recruiter_id=26951500 Out of the 924,683 ...
by peacepositivemike
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Fact: Once sworn in, Barack Obama will be the second U.S. president whose last name ends in a vowel. The first was James Monroe. Opinion: Sarah Palin is John McCain's Willie Horton. Fact: The Obama/
by mdb
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Notice the quote isn't prevaricate or bloviate against the dying of the light. America is the light and its flame is flickering. We are on a precipice. I believe if we make the wrong decisions our ...
by Simpletruthiness
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Ok...what better way to have a lazy Sunday in between post-VP deflation and pre-convention hype. I just ran across this fluff news piece,
by Gramarye
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I am a pretty avid news junkie. I have vivid memories of watching the news as a small child, of being a big fan of Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Morley Saffer...and I have finally had it. I have ...
by liberaltruthsayer
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today, some trivia. The richest and poorest, the most (and least) Whites, Black, Latinos, and others, and the most Democratic and most Republican districts in the USA, and, for each, the [Cook PVI ...
by plf515
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Cross posted from Sancho Press. http://sanchopress.com/frontPage.do. Come over and join to help the troops and veterans. This post is just for fun. Horseshit, bullshit and Bushshit below the fold.
by TKK
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I recently got the latest Almanac of American Politics, and now I've transferred a lot of the data to a spreadsheet. I've got a bunch of statistically informed diaries planned, but that can wait. ...
by plf515
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Welcome to the fifth in my series about Russia. Besides the warning here, I must add some text below the fold. Links to priors just below fold. If you did not read the prior ...
by TKK
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Welcome to the fourth in the series about Russia. The only text from me will be the warning here. Links to priors below fold. If you did not read the prior diaries (...
by TKK
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