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The NY Times broke an important story Monday morning. Under the title U.S. Tries to Make It Easier to Wiretap the ...
by Clay Claiborne
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Maureen Cruise wrote me: Paraphrasing Orwell, Assange explains that he who controls today's internet servers controls the intellectual record of mankind. He warns us that Western ...
by Clay Claiborne
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There is an important exception to ...
by Clay Claiborne
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Kos, I hope you or someone at this site take the time to read this. I bought a new laptop about eight weeks ago, but I no longer view your site on it because everytime I try i come under attack ...
by FlipperWaves
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It just may be that some very smart people have inserted a section in the new health care reform legislation that is a Trojan Horse for the public Option. In sec. 1323 - COMMUNITY HEALTH OPTIONS, ...
by gpack
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If the cross state sales proviso activates the health care sections in GATS, as it is intended to do, irrevocably - and then if even one international insurance firm states ...
by Andiamo
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Back in Nov. 10, on OpenLeft I wrote � Frankly, I believe that if the Republicans had any brains, ...
by metamars
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I have to hand it to the health industry, the Private Insurers & Medicine Producers (PIMPs). They've played us all amazingly well. The PIMPs started with essentially the same playbook as the oil ...
by 888
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I am very distressed that our elected legislators seem to be headed towards placating their contributors, rather than what they were elected to bring us, accessible and affordable healthcare for all.
by Andiamo
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The FBI has a secret weapon in the War on Cybercrime: its own custom Trojan Horse. The bureau used the spyware to ...
by The Anomaly
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If the Sarah Palin choice says anything about John McCain, outside of his utter contempt for the American people, it is that he has become a WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT.
by rikyrah
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Earlier today I posted a diary that complained about the way the Obama campaign treated its prospective California delegates, by arbitrarily cutting as many as three-fourths of those who signed up ...
by oythegoy
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The short answer: because Reagan was a trojan horse. He was the Stealth Wingnut. He got people to vote for him that would've been appalled by his ideology if he'd run as an ideologue. The man was, ...
by ChurchofBruce
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In yesterday’s diary, I made a case for why George “Macacca” Allen would be a strategic choice for the Republican VP slot. McCain lacks the conservative credentials and probably ...
by mojave mike
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In January 2007, McCain (and Schumer) introduced S.431 , a modified, stand alone proposal that was included in McCain'...
by Badmoon
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In my mailbox this evening was a six by nine envelope with return address "SENATOR JOHN McCAIN." Not used to getting missives from the lunatic right, I opened it. Inside was: A petition to Senator ...
by la motocycliste
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by agentcooper
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