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Abstract The public record of the number of enrolled US Citizens in 2014 living on the University of Wisconsin River Falls campus is compared to the public records of the number of voters who ...
by norahc
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One of the most maddening problems for the Democratic Party must be the conundrum that the people likeliest to benefit from the party's agenda are also the voters who are least likely to turn out. ...
by David Jarman
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Many Democrats examining what happened in the 2014 midterms are asking "what did the voters want?" But the right question is why did only 36.4 percent of potential voters bother to register and vote?
by davej
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In the midst of extensive gnashing of teeth and discussion about the message of the 2014 election, let’s get one thing straight: there wasn’t one.
by Daver71
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Good news... for Martha McSally! Leading Off : •
by Jeff Singer
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Carl Gibson, young American activist, wrote an open letter to Democrats about the 2014 midterm elections-- Open Letter to Democrats From a Disillusioned Young Voter By Carl Gibson Dear Democrats, ...
by xscd
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Please, a small unobtrusive "CaT" diary. No Martians, no commies at Department of State. Nothing but stat for the CaT. And a worry that Hart InterCivic and other RW investment shops have bought ...
by waterstreet2008
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Head below the pretzel for the breakdown that supports my inflammatory headline.
by Arbo
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For all the denunciation of "those damn kids who didn't turnout and lost us the election," there is something about this chart that keeps bugging me. If the under-30 vote have had the same 12% of ...
by wu ming
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Climate Hawks Vote launched in June 2014 with the goal of electing candidates who grasp the magnitude of the climate crisis. The fall 2014 elections would be our first test of an explicitly ...
by RLMiller
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The 2014 Democrats, by and large, took the whole Mitt Romney 2012 playbook, stuck it on a copy machine, and ran it to it's exact same conclusion: defeat.
by Arbo
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When turnout stinks, so does the outcome.
by PrincetonDem
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It was bad. It's over. It's time to learn what we can from it, and move on. Part of moving on for me is identifying one of the most massive things that went wrong. The City of Houston has a total ...
by sccs
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Just a brief diary with a link to Pew's data from Tuesday's vote. The analysis from Pew says: Men and older citizens strongly supported the GOP. 57% of male voters favored Republicans. Women ...
by d3clark
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So what really happened yesterday? The simple and most telling answer is that not enough happened. National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" news program today shared some preliminary ...
by rlegro
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My precinct captains and fellow volunteers held a cold-eyed postmortem into the wee hours after the fiasco last night, and the exit poll data has made the reasons for Shellacking Part 2 in 2014 ...
by Tweedledee5
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Looking closely at the Maryland numbers reveals a fascinating picture: Hogan didn't beat Brown because people love Hogan. He beat Brown because voters weren't particularly enthusiastic about Brown,
by DMK
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Like many, I was wrong about a lot of the results in the big 2014 Senate races. I think I was more misled by the polls than wrong, but that's another matter. Here is my quick take on why this ...
by khyber900
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If we are going to learn lessons for the future, we have to avoid being taken in my comforting myths in the present. We lost because we didn't run on anything: Obama should have used the bully ...
by Mikesco
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Not much of a diary but I felt I had to report. I live in the 5th Congressional District in Chicago. This district includes some suburban towns as well as mid-North Chicago. People were voting in ...
by Liberal Granny
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