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Yep, it's me LaserTheLiquidator "tagging" (yea I did) - this issue. A few D's back, many of us bounced words on the issue of the "n't" protocol . The banter on the "n't" issue was much more ...
by laserhaas
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To paraphrase... How dare that guy get more sympathetic media attention than Rush Limbaugh! How dare the AP write such a despicable story about fuel efficient cars! How dare the media report ...
by kravitz
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by angelajean
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Here's Governor HeBlowsALot His reputation's kind of shot Is for free speech? No he's not He's Governor HeBlowsALot Emma tweeted to some friends But that's not where our story ends She was told to ...
by plf515
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I had an revelation Friday about the Internet and especially Twitter as the tweets about that day's NATO bombing of Tripoli came in. ...
by Clay Claiborne
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The big news story in today's Springfield News-Leader, the third biggest newspaper in Missouri, was Seventh District Congressman Billy Long's "apology" for remarks he tweeted Monday comparing ...
by rturner229
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Are we kidding ourselves here...?
by cedar163
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There is a moment half-way through "Tweets from Tahrir,"€ the new tweet by tweet running quotation of the Egyptian Revolution€“, where the reader gets goosebumps. It'€™s when you realize, "€œ...
by Reverend Billy
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I recently interviewed Chris Barron of GOProud, a gay conservative organization that believes that the Republican Party is welcoming of gay Americans. The issue was that some prominent conservative ...
by Cenk Uygur
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I for one am seeing a complete paradigm shift in American thinking, something unfolding, unknown in our history. It's not about what the politicians have done, or even the corporations. It's what we'...
by LoveLifeLightLaughter
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Sarah Palin's reasons for her sudden resignation have been very murky, at best. Her intentions for what comes next have been a mystery, as well. One thing, however, is clear as a bell: Sarah Palin ...
by Spudnic
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An hour or so ago I sent the following tweet to Sarah Palin's Twitter account: "@AKGovSarahPalin My wife and I laughed so hard at your speech Friday we had laugh hangovers Saturday ...
by The Reverend and Doctor Omed
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A Guatemalan Twitter user has been arrested and accused of inciting "financial panic". The news was broken on citizen-journalism site Demotix by reporter Surizar.
by andydemotix
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Do you like poking people or writing upon their walls? Enjoy twittering and tweeting in a dark corner? Then, this story is all about you. Award-winning journalist and satirist Walter Brasch looks at ...
by brasch
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Cross posted on my blog . What / Background:
by shimane
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