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One of the biggest beefs I have with former President Clinton is that he oversaw the dismantling to the Glass-Steagall Act late in his term. This Consumer Protection/Bank Regualtion Law enacted ...
by jamess
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I normally don't cover " blotter-page " news, since I figure Humanity will always have its "bad apples." And expending anger and outrage at each instance of such, only leads to a loss of useful ...
by jamess
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Well, here's a rather stilted definition of Populism, that probably keeps the Wealthy rotating their Tax Havens, at each Quarter's end ... Populism Definition: (from BusinessDictionary.com ) ...
by jamess
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David Simon gave an informal speech in Sydney, Australia. The Guardian has an edited text here / Remember, Simon is the brilliant creator of both "Homicide" and of "The Wire," It begins like this:
by teacherken
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So claims Larry Kudlow about the new Pope: [...] Kudlow -- a self-described devoted "church-going Catholic convert" -- went further, saying that the pope is wrong and " free-market capitalism is on ...
by jamess
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Republicans are AGAINST ... the Minimum Wage . Not just against Raising the Minimum Wage -- but they are against the actual IDEA of the Minimum Wage, itself. Simply incredible . Incredible faith ...
by jamess
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Is it Socialism when ... "we see McDonald's advising workers to apply for food stamps" ... ? Is it Socialism when ... "low wages leave Wal-Mart workers unable to afford the necessities of life,
by jamess
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Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks to people in a way that few have in recent years. Senator Warren speaks with conviction and common sense. Senator Warren speaks for our common working class interests,
by jamess
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... And with Liberty and Justice for All (except for the Wealthy Few -- who can afford to buy all the 'Liberty' and 'Justice' they need.) Maybe that upper-crust exemption framework is finally ...
by jamess
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From the Bureau of Labor Statistics : larger image Nothing says we live in two-tier America, better than a Unemployment Chart that has 2 or 3 different tracks. Notice the far left ...
by jamess
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These are the thugs "scoff-laws" that our newly-formed Homeland Security apparatus , works so damn hard to protect , from the likes of peaceful protest marchers like OWS: New York Attorney General ...
by jamess
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Crossposted from Hillbilly Report. In the primary of 2004 and 2008 there was a reason I supported the Democrat I supported for President. Despite the eventual personal failings of the candidate the ...
by RDemocrat
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Red America forms a thick, inland L in the flat midsection of our country, bordered as much by geography as by political preference. The Rocky Mountains and Mississippi River shepherd the younger ...
by Virally Suppressed
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Here is a recap of one Financial Manager from Goldman Sachs who broke his trust with his investors , and made Billions in the process. Who walks the streets navigates the streets in limos unscathed --
by jamess
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Money may not be able to buy you Love -- but it sure can buy you a lot of Competitive Advantage , when it comes to taking-over the small-fry companies, who'd rather just be left alone. It's ...
by jamess
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" Mitt Romney has so little economic patriotism that even his money needs a passport ." I love that sound-bite; because it is clear and it's true. Well this former Ohio Governor knows a thing ...
by jamess
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I post this as an Irish-American who grew up in one of the toughest ghettos in the country, in Richmond, California. This post is about people I dearly love, people who are hurting, people who need ...
by mftalbot
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Today Mitt Romney may an obnoxious appeal to his American roots (while supplying no hard-copy proof , as per usual.) [...] Expanding on his Michigander bonafides, he pointed out that he was born in ...
by jamess
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Romney promises to create 12 million new jobs (audio) by O. Kay Henderson, RadioIowa.com -- August 8, 2012 [...] Romney promised that his own proposals would lead to economic growth. “ We’re ...
by jamess
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Just in, minutes ago ... Paul Ryan gave Romney camp several years of tax returns reuters.com -- Aug 12, 2012 (Reuters) - Mitt Romney released two years of his own tax returns to the public but ...
by jamess
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