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Democratic Rep. Brad Ashford will be a top GOP target in 2016 Leading Off : • NE-02 : There are a couple warning signs on the road ahead for freshman Rep. Brad Ashford, who will be a top ...
by David Jarman
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Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson may jump into the Senate race whether or not Marco Rubio runs for re-election Leading Off : • FL-Sen : Outspoken Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson represents a safe ...
by Jeff Singer
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Is Rep. Randy Neugebauer even campaigning? Looks like Rep. Randy Neugebauer's Democratic challenger in Texas' 19th Congressional District, Neal Marchbanks, is continuing to be active on the ...
by BoxMachine
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Are you going to be at tomorrow's Meet & Greet Ms. Park Ranger? Because I'm sure as HELL not! I'm Randy Neugebauer, I OWN this district and I approve this message (as well as my campaign ...
by BoxMachine
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After Randy Neugebauer got deservedly reamed for his disgraceful treatment of a National Park Service Ranger at the World War II Memorial, the Texas Republican had the decency to apologize . ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Ms. Park Ranger, are you volunteering for these liberals in the phone banks? I sure as hell am not! The campaign of Neal Marchbanks, Democratic challenger to the Park Ranger hater Rep. Randy ...
by pipsorcle
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and I want to share with you just exactly how poorly this West Texas TEA Party Republican understands the law. The constitution. The role Congress' vote to shut down the government played in his "...
by BlackSheep1
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I'll tell you another thing Ms. Park Ranger, I don't know what this guy Neal Marchbanks is thinking in challenging me in my own district but I guarantee this: He and his liberal friends are behind ...
by pipsorcle
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Tuesday night was the Texas primary elections; the main event was the Republican Senate primary, but with the state gaining four new House seats thanks to reapportionment, there was also a number of ...
by David Jarman
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Want the scoop on hot races around the country? Get the digest emailed to you each weekday morning. Sign up here . Leading Off : •
by David Nir
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Cross posted on my blog http://racesandredistricting.blogspot.com/ which has more election analysis and redistricting maps. This is my most recent post in my map series which follows the ...
by Alibguy
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Texas and Illinois were the first two states where candidate filing was due to close. Then the US Supreme Court gave Texas one extra day. But nonetheless wander down below the fold to see how both ...
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TN has 9 reps: 4 Republicans and 5 Democrats TX has 32 representatives, 20 Republicans and 12 Democrats. Possibly vulnerable: TN-04 (D) TN-06 (D) TN-08 (D) TX-17 (D) TX-23 (D) TX-27 (D)
by plf515
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by RLMiller
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As documented by the blogger @lubbockleft , Randy the "baby killer yeller" Neugebauer is back fulfilling his promise to export his particular brand of ...
by ScienceMan
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As mentioned earlier in several diaries , the race for the Texas 19th district is attracting ...
by ScienceMan
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As mentioned before my myself and other diarists ,
by ScienceMan
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TX-19 Democrat Andy Wilson responded early to Randy Neugebauer's shameless incivility and has updated his statements to criticize Neugebauer's equally ...
by ScienceMan
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This is a very short and sweet dairy. Listed below are the contact numbers for Rep. Randy Neugebauer's offices in Washington D.C. and throughout his Texas congressional district. Let Randy know ...
by Tommy Ates
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Last night someone yelled baby killer during Bart Stupak's floor statement. Well about 12 hours later,
by alpolitics
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