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Monday Morning Sunday School Today's sermon comes from: The Church of the Holy Secularist Reverend Penne addresses the "War on Marriage": The Devil is in the Details, or Lack Thereof. Ted ...
by Citizen Crabgrass
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Most of the critical attention given to the Fast Track Trade Agreement legislation and to the associated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Congressional – Executive Agreement on mainstream corporate ...
by Letsgetitdone
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People who support the Administration's efforts on the TPP have been known to reply to my posts on this subject by attempting to ridicule the scenarios I've presented as possible under the TPP ...
by Letsgetitdone
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To really appreciate what a travesty the TPP is, and the scandal of the failure of our Congress to reject it, and the “Fast Track Authority“ sought for it, out of hand, I'm going to list 23 ...
by Letsgetitdone
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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of ...
by Letsgetitdone
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Many years ago, I saw a poster or a bumper sticker that said, "When the people lead, the Leaders will follow." I have long loved that saying and believed it to be true. I think we all saw an ...
by Woody25
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A San Diego County school district may continue to offer Yoga as an alternative to traditional Physical education. That is the ruling of the Fourth District Court of Appeal in San Diego. The classes ...
by enhydra lutris
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In the context of: The Federal Bureau of Investigation's all-consuming lust for instant backdoor decrypted access to every 1 and every 0, everywhere, and Computer, telecommunications, and Internet ...
by Simplify
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Every time I hear someone talking about President Obama "overreaching" or "acting autocratic" or any of the other phrases that pop up what I hear is " the BOY don't know his place ." I grew up ...
by Animeraider
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Yep, it's that old mythology again, this time voiced by Joni Ernst, candidate for the U.S. senate, reported recently but but said back in 2012 to an NRA gang: "I have a beautiful little Smith & ...
by Cartoon Peril
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Oh, yeah, I'm loving this one. Obama = Hitler, Obama = Stalin, and Obama = Phil Spector are starting to get a bit shopworn, so now we've got Obama = Robespierre, or at least so sayeth VICTOR! DAVIS!
by Cartoon Peril
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Summary: We in Liberal America are now embattled. America has been in kindred battles before, and on those occasions to which we look to see our finest ...
by AndySchmookler
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A theme of NOM's recent blog posts has been that the marriage equality movement is not about "tolerance", but "tyranny". This statement is featured in their video about their "March For (Straight) ...
by leftprogressive
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Hello fellow white people ... er ... Republicans . I was making a list of the people we needed to impeach (the Kenyan Usurper, Joe Biden, John Kerry, John Roberts, Batman, the AFLAC duck, etc.). ...
by Cartoon Peril
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and they savage him for it Conservative on social media have blasted Glenn Beck for declaring he did not support protesters at Bundy Ranch in Nevada who seemed to want an armed confrontation with ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Republicans are really, really, seriously, immensely, massively P.O'd at President Obama, the Head of Executive Branch, for having the nerve, the all-fired audacity to issue Orders to the Branch of ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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Photos: The 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress This morning I was in what could be considered an affluent community in the San Francisco East Bay. I was walking across a local ...
by Ray Pensador
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When future history books are written, people like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Elizabeth Manning, Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Jeremy Scahill, Julian Assange, Chris Hedges, Bill Moyers, and other ...
by Ray Pensador
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The church has been in an incestuous and rather evil relationship with the worship of wealth and unfettered capitalism for a long time. Unfettered capitalism has become a religion in its own right.
by Egberto Willies
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Perhaps America needs "Bar" Rescue" for the administration. A visit from John Taffer from the other "Bar Rescue" (on Spike TV) where he comes in and reads the riot act to under-achieving bar staffs ...
by RareBird0
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