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contradictions of the rules of Fight Club There was a moment when boxing was really important to television, whether live or filmed or whether because it was sponsored by men's grooming products ...
by annieli
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Co-authored by John Amick Recent commentators have rightly called out Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's obvious hypocrisy on cuts to Pentagon spending. This strikes us as a good time to step back and ...
by RobertGreenwald
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I can remember in the 80's traditional martial arts like Kung Fu and Karate were the hot thing. Bruce Lee made Kung Fu popular throughout the 70's, as did the show (called 'Kung Fu). Hollywood ...
by USArmyParatrooper
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The best part: it's free. If you're into this kind of thing, the UFC is putting on another at Fort Hood in Texas. The last time the UFC did one of these events, it raised $4 million that went to ...
by bobinson
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Chuck Todd. Chuck Todd. How many different ways can you say it? How many different ways can you slam someone and use their name as an epithet for a stupid, if sincere, question asked to the President?
by FischFry
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Not that he isn’t doing a good enough job already, but we have a secret weapon with which to torpedo the McCain candidacy among a potent demographic; men ages 18-35.
by tatamiburns
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