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The most common age for a man to get divorced is fifty. The kids are grown and out of the house, he’s reached some level of financial success and power, and his wife is no longer young. If he’s ...
by A Southerner in Yankeeland
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RT RT and The Ecologist report that a huge forest fire near the abandoned contaminated zone around the Chernobyl disaster site in northern Ukraine is releasing plutonium as well as cesium and ...
by Joieau
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It actually seems that these two opinions are the only ones the commentators have on Putin. Either you think Putin is evil, ...
by lawrencegoodman
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Eternal Hope is right in the contention that military advisers in Ukraine can snowball. We're in a dangerous situation. Obama's focus on diplomacy is the right one, and I have to admit that military ...
by OllieGarkey
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The time has come to face facts: Putin's Russia is going to weather the economic sanctions.
by gjohnsit
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Today, in the papers, it was announced that the US has sent 300 military "advisers" to Ukraine to train their army. That measure seems for all the world like it is a safe choice for President Obama --
by Eternal Hope
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You may (or may not) have heard about the blowup this week in Toronto about the cancellation by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra of a guest appearance by pianist Valentina Lisitsa this week, because ...
by chingchongchinaman
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"We can fight against the Europeans, we can fight with ...
by hungeski
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I'm really old - old enough to remember when true conservatives opposed USA participation in NATO (per 'Mr. Republican' Senator Robert Taft in the late 1940s and into the 1950s). Today I read Paul ...
by MisterCharlie
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This article originally appeared at TomDispatch.com. To receive TomDispatch in your inbox three times a week, click here .[ Note for TomDispatch Readers:   As of Saturday morning, I will be on ...
by TomDispatch
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Congress is tired of all this talk of war with Iran and has a new target: war with Russia. Earlier today, Congress passed a resolution calling on Obama to provide Ukraine with military assistance.
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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Ukraine occupies 142nd place out of 175 countries in Transparency International’s Corruptions Perception Index, the worst in Europe. It's corruption rating has gotten even worse since the Maiden ...
by gjohnsit
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Or make the Rec list, after all, it's not a NeoCon/Neolib CT based on the musings of an irrelevent Russian Has Been, but: Russia's Putin reappears after 10 day absence, laughs off 'gossip' By ...
by JayFarquharson
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The BBC is reporting that Vladimir Putin has admitted plotting the annexation of Crimea three weeks before a "referendum" on "self-determination". The admission was made in a documentary shown on ...
by Lib Dem FoP
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Putin now is seen as having planned his Crimean incursion quite explicitly , raising of course the issues related to street killings of dissenters in Russia while the conflict continues. The US ...
by annieli
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Nope. There are no Nazis in Ukraine. This woman, a brave patriot from the notorious Aidar Battalion , I'm sure has no knowledge what the number(in gothic script no less) "1488" means. And The ...
by protectspice
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Ukraine's losses on the battlefield may be the least of its worries. Ukraine's economy, already a basketcase, may be about to completely collapse . Policy makers in Kiev banned banks from ...
by gjohnsit
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Chimera "A fanciful mental illusion or fabrication." (The Free Dictionary) "If we're going to authorize use of military force, the president should have all the tools necessary to win the fight ...
by ATexican
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There's a simple explanation for Zbigniew "Zbig" Brzezinski's rabid anti-Russian hatred in the current Ukraine crisis (and others involving Russia). His forebears (and family name) are Poles from ...
by BvueDem
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President Obama is considering sending lethal weapons to Kiev. So is Canadian PM Stephen Harper . Even ...
by gjohnsit
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