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For those of you who read my last diary about my battles with unemployment, and how I am trying to see the simple blessings in life... ...and for those who didn't; I want to let you know that I am ...
by Floyd Blue
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The February jobs report released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics overall appears to be good news. There were 295,000 new jobs and unemployment dropped to 5.5%. That unemployment figure is ...
by Dan Riker
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As long as the capitalists can throw their cast-off rags and a few crusts of bread at the working-class in the name of "Charity," just so long will they have an easy and cheap solution for the ...
by JayRaye
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Today my employment specialist dragged me to another worthless job fair hosted by none other than Goodwill. Why was it worthless? Well, let me tell you who was there. Hotel and restaurant chains, ...
by Homer177
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Most people don't turn their backs on their own privileges. But Meg Abbott did. For all of my guilty white liberal friends out there, let me unshackle you this Black History Month with as honest ...
by GTK
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The fires of liberty and noble aspirations are not yet extinguished. I greet you tonight as lovers of liberty and as despisers of despotism. -Eugene Debs ```````````````````````````````````````````
by JayRaye
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Crisis The Lancet Psychiatry has published a study saying that approximately 45,000 deaths by suicide, ...
by Walter Einenkel
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My mother in law was talking to some folks she works with at the county school board and it seems she thinks it's a good idea for me to write a blog and record videos of me making an ass out of ...
by Homer177
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The United States of America has the largest military budget of all countries on Earth. It pays 37%--more than one third--of all the money on Earth which pays for war and defense. This is but one of ...
by Rick San
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The people of Greece rebelled last week against the perverse notion that they should continue to endure biting austerity in a vain attempt to cure a condition that they are not solely responsible ...
by Leo W Gerard
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I’m looking for life’s simple solutions now. This is how I Sonic. You see, I lost my job not long ago, and have had very little access to Dailykos lately, That’s unfortunate because this ...
by Floyd Blue
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My employment specialist called me today and told me that her marketing team had been looking for leads, and of course, every single one was a dead end for one of two reasons: A. they require more ...
by Homer177
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You're right, if you looked at that headline and thought that could apply to maybe anyone in that clown car called the GOP presidential nomination. It's also that case that like it or not, we're ...
by ericf
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This coming Wednesday I'm going to a doctor's appointment to discuss my meds and have them changed yet again because they're like sugar pills to me. Of course, since I'm stuck at a sliding scale ...
by Homer177
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Nurses at Kaiser Permanente in California have a new contract, one for which they fought hard.
by Laura Clawson
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The other day my Voc Rehab counselor sent me an email asking me how things were going and let me know she's been in contact with my employment specialist. So, I just told her the truth. I told her ...
by Homer177
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I started looking for employment three years ago during my final semester of college and immediately I realized something was dead wrong. But the writing was really on the wall when the career ...
by Homer177
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The other day I was talking with my mom and she suggested I go to a local Publix to see if I could find a job there. Let me give you a little back story. I worked for a Publix ten years ago that had ...
by Homer177
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We have a rare bipartisan consensus on one of the greatest challenges facing the United States. Record-high income equality, President Obama,
by Jon Perr
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I checked my email this morning and at the top of the list was a posting from Sologig for a company looking for an 'Entry Level Web Designer'. Then I opened the email and clicked the link. Position ...
by Homer177
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