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Human rights expert Charli Carpenter has an excellent piece up on Foreign Policy on the looming military intervention in Syria, entitled "Don't Call This a Humanitarian War." First, here's some ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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No, this is not another story about the economy, AIG, Goldman Sachs or the stock market's daily ups and downs. It is a diary about the power of the spoken word. About what one little speech can ...
by Steven D
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This diary is an unplanned follow-up to yesterday's post , in which I put forth the idea that Israel's current strategy ...
by Assaf
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...it’s cracking a bit, no? That’s the catch with unilateral “agreements”: no one has to keep them. So the IDF continued strolling into the Gaza Strip, shooting here and there.
by Assaf
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After a long work-induced layoff I've returned to get my 2-cents in on this presidential battle before the polls close. It's tough being political when you've got to work and the two don't coincide. ...
by railer
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This in my mind has been the fundamental question that should distinguish McCain from Obama. While I have tried as relentlessly as possible, so far and within the horizon of realism this veteran ...
by OdehOgaba1
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I am glad to see Barack Obama running for president. It demonstrates the difference between the Democrats who have an African American, a woman, and a Hispanic among their candidates – and ...
by johnnygunn
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Here’s what they mean by preventive war—if we see a possible threat, we go to war; we don’t exhaust diplomatic, political, and economic options, we go straight to war. ...
by grannyhelen
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John Bolton has his panties in a knot because of Syria and North Korea: The leader to Bolton’s article in today’s Wall Street Journal reads: So Pyongyang was helping Syria ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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General Clark, You cannot expect to maintain your status amongst mainstream Democrats by attempting to sugar-coat a unilateralist agenda . If you're on Hillary's team, fine. But if the ...
by Al Swearengen
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Obama's latest campaign-trail gaffe, stemming from his reckless threats to unilaterally bomb Pakistan if President Musharraf doesn't help root out Al Qaeda targets, prompted Pakistani-American ...
by Berkeley Vox
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by sunflight
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