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The “We Built That” theme of the Republican Convention will now go down in history as an act of overweening hubris on a par with the naming of the Titanic. The Ayn Randian ideal that the “...
by NCJan
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Why big government is a good thing.
by Spencer Troxell
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Another of the great zombie lies--that Democrats want to stop military members from voting--is rearing its ugly head once again. This is a story on Breitbart, by editor/lying hack Mike Flynn, that ...
by JR
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I heard it put recently, the argument shouldn't be about whether we need Bigger Government or Smaller Government , as it is too often framed by those in Congress -- but whether we can somehow ...
by jamess
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Lol, this is gonna get good. Obama criticizes Romney, GOP on women's issues by Aamer Madhani, USA TODAY -- Apr 27, 2012 [...] "The contraception fight in particular was like being in a time ...
by jamess
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Not sure if anyone has seen this before but I figured the Kossites would love it. Not really a diary so don't hate on me :)
by wargolem
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He’s baaaaack! Former GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain, who will soon have a body of work suitable enough for his own Comedy Central roast, has released his latest SickOfStimulus.com video, ...
by ArizonaLiberal
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by Hunter
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Just another example of big government . Why should my taxes be used to pay for their protection? Whatever next, will they ask me to fund their health care and pay their wages? This is typical of ...
by LaFeminista
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by thinkingblue
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There is a topic, a meme, a banner that Conservatives continue wave; a banner that fuels legions of like-minded patriots to fall in-line behind it, whenever it is spoken. That banner is the all-...
by jamess
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Mitt robbed me and now Santorum's all over the place. Millions have been wasted on R-Money's campaign, only to have Rick Santorum raise the roof at CPAC. Watch the throne, Mitt, as the Newtster ...
by Mr Hungry Dude
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The latest target of Tea Party ire would be funny, except for one thing -- their latest local townhall-protests seem to be working ...
by jamess
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So many 1% Front Groups, so little time. This one however, struck me with the sly novelty of their youtube "educational approach" to promote their never-mentioned Liberation utopia. First ...
by jamess
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Adam Baldwin seemed like a reasonable guy, a conservative activist who writes for Big Hollywood - one of Andrew Breitbart's websites. I try to talk to the other side sometimes and let me tell you, ...
by DSWright
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When I was much younger, there was a call for a National ID of some kind. I was too young to remember now how much of a call there was or what problems it was suppose to address. It may well have ...
by koseighty
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Following an August 18th, 2011 broadcast of The Daily Show in which Jon Stewart cited a CIA Gini Index in which the United States ranked 64th in income inequality (worse ...
by MonkeyPundit
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The following is a short description of Objectivism given by Ayn Rand in 1962 Ayn Rand® Institute (ARI)
by jamess
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Of course it's not average gun owners, and it certainly doesn't start with them, but whether from the NRA or the GOA, as in this case, the marching orders go out and they are to be afraid.
by mikeb302000
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Indy Star reports This ...
by mikeb302000
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