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It's perhaps a good thing that I've been busy this week and largely off the computer. If I hadn't, the mood swings between awful news, good news, and not so bad news would have had me crawling ...
by Puddytat
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Christie ordering the Code Red. Time for some Impeachment in Jersey. It's been a tough January for the Christie Crime Family. With this afternoon'...
by Billionaires for Wealthcare
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From New Jersey blog - PolitikerNJ The U.S. Attorney’s office today subpoenaed the Gov. Chris Christie re-election campaign and the New Jersey Republican State Committee, PolitickerNJ has learned.
by Onomastic
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The thing to remember about the Tea Party/IRS Fauxtrage is that nobody was persecuted, as all the whiny babies of the reactionary right pretend to believe. They were perhaps (it’s still early to ...
by Kalkaino
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For a guy who says he's not a target and only "cooperating" with the 2 year long John Doe Probe, Scott Walker spent nearly $200,000 on lawyers last year. That's a whole pile of money for a guy who ...
by Puddytat
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Okay, everyone is saying Laser Haas is vindicated. Many people owe him an apology. That is NOT my goal. My quest is to stop the crimes and STOP Mitt Romney. Now that it is established ...
by laserhaas
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In my reading of Eban's piece it seems Dave Voth got handed a pile of muck when he took the reins of Phoenix Group VII. Eban says he was the leader of the group. So he either didn't have the tools ...
by WheninRome
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Colorado Law regulates our medical marijuana industry. Forty-eight businesses that were legal under Colorado's Medical Marijuana Law, were taxed under Colorado Medical Marijuana Law, and paid more $...
by Cannaman
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I just got this email: "Shocking news: Moments ago former Demand Progress Executive Director Aaron Swartz was indicted by the US government. As best as we can tell, he is being charged with ...
by SouthernLiberalinMD
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Matt Taibbi and Michael Moore are 2 noteworthy national persona's who have pointed out Goldman Sachs larger than life bad faith acts and the readily apparent Dept of Justice get out of jail free ...
by laserhaas
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When people think of Branch Rickey, the Hall of Fame baseball executive, it's usually in the context of desegregating Major League Baseball. But in the 1920s, Mr Rickey brought to baseball his first ...
by Orange County Liberal
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Just coming across the wires -- Max Baucus is admitting to having an affair with a woman he nominated for US attorney. The woman, Melodee Hanes, withdrew her name later in the nomination process. ...
by Mogolori
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George W. Bush appointee Joseph Russionello is ignoring Attorney General Eric Holder's memorandum on raiding marijuana dispensaries and continuing the harassment and raids. Polls show that older,
by gnostradamus
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Former governor of Alabama and political prisoner Don Siegelman has filed a motion ( PDF ) for a new ...
by David Swanson
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This actually is real breaking news from the folks at Blue Jersey, but I wasn't going to do the all-caps title. We had the lead attorney on the ACLU warrantless monitoring case ...
by clammyc
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From Orwellian executive orders, stem-cell research, torture, abstinence education to compromised federal appointments, broken countries, armies, educational and economic systems (short list), ...
by Clifflyon
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I love bombast. And the apotheosis of my ardor is never more exquisitely achieved than when said affectation incorporates the perfect balance of sound and cadence, while laced with a patina of ...
by TheSometimesWhy
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News Video w/charges This will be a show trial! US Attorney Brett Tolman (Utah)
by Clifflyon
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Yesterday the Chicago window workers' sit-in looked like it was gaining momentum - national press, a huge deal, an icon of a nation whose economy is ...
by HongPong
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Just in case you don't "The philosophy that supports and encourages jihad around the world against Americans came to live here in New Jersey..." Those words ...
by windje
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