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The Washington Post's op-ed policy continues to devolve toward idiocy and farce. They still publish Charles Krauthammer, whose opinions on war and foreign policy have proven wrong time after time. ...
by this is only a test
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I'm 48, I'm almost 300 pounds, and I'm riding my new bicycle every day to the commuter rail train station. Granted, I'm 5'9" so my weight isn't as much of an exercise detriment as it could be. I'm ...
by cordgrass
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It's Friday and I want an Elf! As you can see by Itzl's concerned look, this group is for us to check in at to let people know we are alive, doing OK, and not affected by such things as heat, ...
by FloridaSNMOM
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So, yes, I signed up for an annual membership in the NYC Citibike bike share program. As a jingoistic native of the greatest city on planet Earth, I am not worried that we are going to turn into ...
by Woody25
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If not in NYC you might not have heard the news, but New York City has a bike share program at long last! The bikes are sturdy, with adjustable seats and are firmly locked in stations all over ...
by futurebird
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Commuting by bike is easier than you might imagine. It does take some preparation and some planning, especially if work is a long way from home. A couple months ago, I offered some thoughts on the ...
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There's a new breed of 'bicycle' sweeping the world, and the West is ill prepared, legally, for their invasion.
by My EV World
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At last some relief from the sultry stifling days of summer! Soon fall will be upon us again and we will be involved in harvest activities, even though harvest these days are more of a ritual than ...
by people power granny
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Today is the last day of National Bike Month. The Sierra Club was honored to join with the League of American Bicyclists and the National Council of La Raza in promoting biking as a green ...
by Ann Mesnikoff
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In San Francisco we celebrated Bike to Work Day last week, but so many people are riding their bikes to work here that every day seems like Bike to Work Day. Bicycle ridership is up by 72 percent in ...
by Michael Brune
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A two part diary -- some links to photos up top on the pedal-powered fun at yesterday's Kinetic Sculpture Race in Baltimore MD, and some (hopefully) pragmatic, ideas about reducing CO2 emissions (...
by this is only a test
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2 months ago, I got up very early to go to what I believe is the best bakery in the Boston area. It's tiny, and they bake artisan breads, flaky butter croissants,...delicious and inventive special ...
by CIndyCasella
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More than a year ago I realized I was talking shit, about how public transportation was wonderful. About this or that. How I didn't need a car. I realized I still got in my car a lot. I told myself ...
by webranding
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Thanks to the great folks at ...
by blueyedace2
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by Sarah Laskow, Media Consortium ...
by The Media Consortium
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It's not often that politics and one of my other big hobbies, cycling, intersect. But they just did in Colorado. ...
by kos
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I’m hoping that the current Gulf disaster encourages many more people to grab a bike and help cut our dependence on oil.
by CheckRaise
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For years, the Hasidic Jews in part of Brooklyn have complained that the new bike lanes in their neighborhood ...
by futurebird
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Is this the most pressing issue in feminism? No. Is it interesting or illustrative of how sexism works? Maybe. It is annoying? YES.
by futurebird
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Last week was another great week to ride to work. Actually, it wasn’t, technically speaking. It was freezing Thursday and Friday with a lot of wind. And some heavy rain mid-week. But that ...
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