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Several weeks ago, I wrote about my interdisciplinary class reading And the Band Played On , and the resulting discussion. The second book I have assigned this semester is the 1897 novel Dracula . ...
by annetteboardman
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Vampires have gone through a lot of changes over the past several years. Although the sexualized ...
by cmcolin
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The movies of Hammer Studio are a source of some disagreement in the Horror world. While some fans find them elegant and elevated visions of ...
by cmcolin
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After failing to secure the rights from Bram Stoker’s widow to adapt “Dracula”, producer Albin Grau and screenwriter Henrik Galeen charged forward with their film adaptation ...
by cmcolin
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When you've got nothing of substance to say, just say that the President of the United States isn't a real American. Generally speaking, I support recycling. In this case, not so ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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Follow @RubenBolling on Twitter and Facebook . AND apply ...
by RubenBolling
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It’s not uncommon to hear the words “bloodsucker” and “republican” in the same sentence -- but what if I told you, the reader, that it literally goes together for one aspiring politician?
by Rick Mullenax
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The Climate Reality We are hovering around 400 ppm for carbon in the atmosphere which is 50 ppm beyond the safe threshold; 350 ppm. The planet, as a result of CO 2 being pumped into the ...
by FractivistForce
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As you make your rounds through the dark, eerie streets tonight, treading nervously between furtive ghosts, shuffling mummies and and cackling witches, you may have the occasion to ...
by Dartagnan
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Welcome to the fifth installment of What's On Your E-Reader? I apologize for this being late. My days got jumbled! What exactly is What's On Your E-Reader? This is my own little thing that I am ...
by Caedy
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I watched two movies about immortality this week. One directed by James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma, Walk The Line) and the other by Neil Jordan (Interview With The Vampire and The Crying Game). One ...
by AntonBursch
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If one can claim that a virtual economy offers increased possibility for revolutionary political change, that change should be measured against more material forms of analysis rather than treating ...
by annieli
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Well! It's been a while, and I've got loads of new books lining the shelves of my dear Kindle. My portable library is getting fuller by the moment. I've gotten some freebies, and I'd also gotten a ...
by Caedy
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by shortfinals
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I love science. Growing up I also loved Star Trek, even higher quality shows like Buck Rogers and Battle Star Galactica. Through it all sometimes a small voice inside me, the skeptical ...
by shaketheworld
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Originally posted at Voices on the Square , a new blog in the sphere featuring News, Information, and Fun! Howdy howdy howdy everybody! Yessir, it's Tuesday evening so you know what time it is! Yes,
by poligirl
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Since Halloween is tomorrow, I thought we'd do something a little different. There are tons of books out that have a supernatural flavor which feature characters with a queer bent. There is a ...
by Texdude50
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Ed Rendell was at it again this morning on CNBC, this time slick talking about Medicare, a program he and his buddy, Pete Peterson, along with other vampires, want to rape. While the GOP says get ...
by fwdpost
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Is this what happened, what really happened to the Republican party when nobody was watching too closely for a generation? The secret may have been inadvertently leaked to the public. The secret ...
by Angela Quattrano
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I am standing up in the water's edge in my dream I cannot make a single sound as you scream It can't be that cold, the ground is still ...
by MichiganChet
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